Shop for Cannabis Flower in Santa Cruz

At KindPeoples Dispensary, we sell a rotating selection of exotic, high-grade cannabis flower, sun-grown cannabis, and classic weed strains, grown by California’s best cultivators. KindPeoples Soquel Avenue and KindPeoples Ocean Street offer the best variety of weed strains in all of Santa Cruz. All our weed products are tested for purity, potency, and state compliant for your safety.

Perfectly grown, dried and cured, put cannabis flower in to joints, pre rolls, bongs, vaporizers, or even your favorite fruit. Get creative. Experience the flavor. Breathe in the aroma unique to that weed strain. Enjoy.

Cannabis flowering on a healthy weed plant.

Shopping Tips

High potency flower, referred to as “top-shelf,” ranges from 25-35% THC. Less potent strains, ranging from 12- 20% THC, are recommended for people new to cannabis or those seeking less of a psychoactive experience.

Chart on cannabis flower potency

Let your consultant know what effects you are after — do you want to feel relaxed or do you need to be productive? Consultants are knowledgeable and trained to help.

Flower is most commonly packaged in grams, 1/8ths and ounces. Pre-ground flower is great to roll your own prerolls.

Check out or deals to see how you can save on prerolls, preroll packs and flower.

Daily purchase limits apply: Recreational 1oz and Medical 8oz.


Flower comes in sativa, indica and hybrid.

Infographic for cannabis flower varieties

What is a hybrid?

Hybrids are a cross between an indica and a sativa. They have some characteristics of each plant. Popular hybrid strains: OG Kush, GSC, Cherry Pie. Hybrids can also be an “indica-dominant hybrid” or “sativa-dominant hybrid,” meaning they have more characteristics of one strain type than the other.

Each type of cannabis plant develops a unique terpene profile, with many terpenes simultaneously working to imbue a flower with its characteristic bouquet. Technically known as the “volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants,” terpenes have driven increased interest in developing the flavors inherent in cannabis strains and extracts versus simply relying on the THC percentage of cannabis as an indicator of quality.


Pre-rolls (joints) are a convenient way to experience different cannabis strains. Pre-rolls come in mini, regular joint and blunt sizes. Infused pre-rolls are covered in concentrate like kief or mixed in with the pre-ground flower for a more potent experience…

Cannabis flower prerolls


Trichomes are the tiny, silky hairs that you get on really sticky bud. They are THC and CBD rich resin glands that appear on the flower and sugar leaves. Trichomes matter because they are a marker for what resides in the plant from a cannabinoid and terpene perspective. Trichomes form the building blocks of potent concentrates..

cannabis flower nug


Store your cannabis flower in an airtight, opaque container and keep the lid on as much as possible to preserve its full flavor and effects. Direct sunlight, heat and exposure to air can cause terpenes to evaporate, degrade cannabinoids and cause the product to lose potency. Exposure to air will cause terpenes to evaporate, making the flower stale and flavorless.

Cannabis flower storage box