KindGenetics: Cannabis Clones and Seeds in Santa Cruz

Grow your own cannabis with a little help from KindGenetics. We are passionate about cannabis. Ever since the medical cannabis days we have been the Santa Cruz destination for cannabis seeds and cannabis clones. We carry a wide selection of popular and exotic weed strains to fit your growing needs. At our KindPeoples Soquel Avenue dispensary, we stock the largest selection of cannabis seeds and clones in Monterey Bay, and a variety of cannabis seeds at our KindPeoples Ocean Street location. All weed clones and seeds are available while supplies last. Our consultants are ready to answer any of your cultivation questions.

Cannabis Seeds and Clones

Growing from cannabis seeds results in bigger plants. 

We carry a wide selection of cannabis seeds, available in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties in regular (non-feminized), autoflower and feminized. Read our seed guide on the various cannabis seed types available. Watch our video on the benefits of growing from seed. 

Cannabis clones are convenient and great for the first-time grower. Watch our video on the benefits of growing clones.

We only source stable, clean and robust genetics from top California nurseries. Select from classics, like the Blue Dream strain and Black Jack strain to award-winning, exotic clones, like the Runtz strain and Super Lemon Haze strain.

Check our Santa Cruz dispensary menus regularly for new strains and plant starts, including seedlings and teens. Review this guide on how to get started with growing cannabis clones.

Still have questions? Watch our video on cannabis clones vs cannabis seeds.

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Growing your own cannabis is a rewarding experience.
To help you get started on your cannabis journey, watch our video series filled with easy-to-follow cultivation tips. 

Transplanting Cannabis Clones & Seedlings

Pruning Your Plants

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Building Plant Support