Santa Cruz Cannabis FAQs

Do you accept medical recommendations?

Yes, for medical purchases, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid ID and medical recommendation (no copies are allowed). For more information see: Medical Patients.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and debit cards. An ATM is available at both KindPeoples locations. All debit transactions have a $3.25 ATM charge. Debit transactions are rounded up to the nearest $5 increment with appropriate change given (egs. $22.50 total; debit transaction for $25.00 and $2.50 cash change).

Do you offer customer discounts or deals on products?

We have an assortment of daily and monthly deals. For all our current sales & discounts, check our deals page regularly.

Can I place an order online?

Yes! Our Express Lane service lets you reserve your order online and pick up and pay in-store. Express Lane is for same-day pickup only. It’s free and only requires an email address to sign up, details here. Please note: If you are registered at KindPeoples as a customer, you still need to sign up to Express Lane to place an online order.

Can someone else pick up my Express Lane order?

Yes, they must be 21 years of age or older and present an ID. The person paying must sign up as a KindPeoples member or already be one to complete the transaction.

Can I use my military, senior, student or mmic discount when I place an order on Express Lane?

Yes, daily discounts are still valid for returning customers when you use Express Lane. To recieve customer discounts be sure to add your date of birth at checkout. Please note: All discounts will be reflected when you get to the store to complete your purchase. 

I placed my order at the wrong pickup location, what can I do?

Online orders are based on the current inventory available at each location. Please cancel your order and re-order at the desired location.

Are all your available products showing on your menus?

Yes, all the products on our Soquel Avenue and Ocean Street menus are currently available for purchase.

Do you deliver?

We do not currently offer delivery.

Do you accept product returns?

Defective products may be returned with a sales receipt within 30 days at the manager’s discretion. Defective products must be returned to the same KindPeoples location in which the product was originally purchased. Otherwise, all cannabis sales are final.

What are the taxes?

There are various tax rates for all cannabis sales in California. The following is a breakdown of taxes per KindPeoples location.

Excise tax 15% on cannabis purchases.
Sales tax 9% on all purchases.
Sales tax on excise tax 1.275% on cannabis purchases.
Excise tax 13.5% on genetics purchases

Excise tax 15% on cannabis purchases.
Sales tax 9.25% on all purchases
Sales tax on excise tax 1.3875% on cannabis purchases.
Excise tax 13.5% on genetics purchases

Do I still have to pay taxes if I’m a medical patient?

MMIC holders (California Medical Marijuana Identification Card) via the Department of Public Health) are exempt from sales tax only.

How much cannabis can i purchase in one day?

1 oz Flower
6 Plants
8000mg/8g Extracts, Edibles, Infused (combined equivalent)

8 oz Flower
12 Plants
8000mg/8g Extracts, Edibles, Infused (combined equivalent)

Is cannabis tested for pesticides and potency?

All cannabis products sold in licensed retailers are tested by an independent lab for pesticides, microbiological contamination, residual solvents and THC potency.

Do you have seeds and clones?

Yes, we have seeds and clones available at our both our Soquel Avenue and Ocean Street locations. 

Do you have any tips for safely consuming edibles?

Yes! Check out Edible Safety for important tips on how to get started with cannabis edibles, recommended doses and more.

Do you take product recommendations?

Yes! If you like a particular product and don’t currently see it on our shelves, let us know! Drop us a line at

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for eligible applicants. Check out our careers page for details.