Cannabis consumers on the beach pass pre rolls  from KindPeoples around the group.

Shop for Pre Rolls in Santa Cruz

Welcome to KindPeoples Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Cruz, the premier destination to explore cannabis pre rolls in Northern California.

Pre rolls are a convenient, portable and efficient method of consuming cannabis. A great option for the flower lover that doesn’t want to deal with grinding their own cannabis flower to pack a bowl or roll their own joint. Available at KindPeoples Santa Cruz in various sizes, strains, potencies, and infusion-types, we sell both individual pre rolls and pre roll packs. While there’s a lot of variety within the pre roll category, in general, pre rolls can be broken up into two categories—infused and non-infused.

Non-Infused Pre Rolls

Non-infused pre rolls consist of pre-ground cannabis flower packed into a rolling paper. Non-infused pre rolls are available in various strains, sizes, and potencies. Whether your preference is indica, sativa or hybrid, KindPeoples Dispensary in Santa Cruz has a non-infused pre roll you’ll love.

Shop Non-Infused Pre Rolls and Pre Roll Packs at KindPeoples Ocean Street and KindPeoples Soquel Avenue.

Infused Pre Rolls

Infused pre rolls are like regular pre rolls but with increased potency due to the addition of an infusion of concentrated cannabis, such as distillate, kief, diamonds, rosin, live resin, and more. Infusions into pre rolls can be applied internally and/or externally. 

An internally infused pre roll will have some type of concentrated cannabis inside the pre roll, dispersed throughout the pre-ground flower.

An externally infused pre roll on the other hand will have some type of concentrated cannabis on the outside of the pre roll, common example is a pre roll dusted in kief. 

Some infused pre rolls feature both internal and external infusions, known as a double infusion. Notably, products like the double-infused Baby Jeeter Pre Roll Packs from Jeeter, rolled in kief and infused with liquid diamonds, exemplify this approach.

Shop Infused Pre Rolls at KindPeoples Ocean Street and KindPeoples Soquel Avenue.

Cannabis Blunts

Traditionally, blunts are rolled in tobacco leaves, but due to cannabis industry regulations, blunts sold in cannabis dispensaries must be tobacco-free. Instead, they are typically rolled in natural hemp wraps or other tobacco-free blunt wraps. Known for their slow burn and substantial size, blunts are ideal for leisurely enjoyment or sharing with friends. Like regular pre rolls, blunts can be either infused or non-infused.

Our educated Santa Cruz Cannabis Dispensary employees are available for in-person consultations at both of our KindPeoples locations. Visit KindPeoples Ocean Street and KindPeoples Soquel Avenue to discuss which pre rolls are right for you.