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Ocean Street


Welcome to KindPeoples recreational cannabis dispensary on Ocean Street in the heart of Santa Cruz. Our dispensary is centrally located near historic downtown Santa Cruz, popular Santa Cruz beaches such as Main Beach, Seabright and Cowells, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We have ample, private parking. As a recreational cannabis dispensary in Santa Cruz, we strive to offer the best customer service and cannabis products on the market. KindPeoples is designed to appeal to all cannabis consumers, whether you are new to this amazing plant, or are looking for the best dispensary to buy your favorite products.

Check our deals for daily and monthly savings. We also have discounts for seniors, students and veterans. Order online with Express Lane and pick up and pay in store the same day. Have a question? Ask a consultant via our online chat box.

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Address: 533 Ocean St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 515-4114
Hours: Monday – Sunday : 8am – 10pm
Express Lane Hours: Order online 7:30am – 9:30pm
(First Express Lane pickup at 8am)

Buy Cannabis Flower in Santa Cruz

KindPeoples Dispensary on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz, CA, is your ultimate destination for exceptional cannabis flower. Our selection is diverse, featuring sativas, indicas, and hybrids, from the best growers in the region. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, stimulation, or balanced effects, our knowledgeable staff will guide you to the perfect strain. Experience the finest, meticulously cultivated cannabis flowers at KindPeoples, where quality and customer satisfaction are always our top priorities.

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Best Weed Edibles in Santa Cruz

Explore a world of flavors with the weed edibles available at KindPeoples Dispensary on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. From gourmet chocolates to THC gummies, mints, and beverages, our edibles provide a delicious and discreet way to enjoy cannabis. Perfect for both newcomers and experienced users, our edibles are dosed accurately to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience. Visit KindPeoples for edibles that combine the best of taste and cannabis innovation in Santa Cruz.

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Buy Weed Vapes in Santa Cruz

KindPeoples on Ocean Street offers a premium selection of weed vapes in Santa Cruz, catering to those who prefer a modern, discreet, and clean cannabis experience. Our range includes cartridges, disposable vape pens, and weed vape pods featuring a variety of strains and flavors from trusted brands. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, our vape products provide a convenient and controlled way to enjoy cannabis, with options to suit every preference and lifestyle.

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Buy Prerolls in Santa Cruz

For convenience without compromise, check out the cannabis prerolls at KindPeoples Dispensary on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. Our prerolls offer a ready-to-enjoy option for both novices and connoisseurs. Available in various strains and sizes, our prerolls are perfect for those who value time and quality. Visit us to discover why our prerolls are a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Areas We Serve

How far is KindPeoples Weed Dispensary from Seabright?

KindPeoples on Ocean Street is approximately 3.5 miles from Seabright. While we can’t deliver recreationally, the scenic drive along the coast is a great way to enjoy Santa Cruz!

How can I get to KindPeoples Dispensary if I have a medical marijuana card and live in Midtown?

Midtown is just 2 miles from KindPeoples weed dispensary! Head west on Mission Street and turn left onto Ocean Street. We’ll be on your right-hand side. Show your medical marijuana card at the door to explore our extensive product selection. We welcome all recreational weed customers as well!

Is KindPeoples Dispensary within driving distance from Pasa Tiempo?

Absolutely! Pasa Tiempo is roughly 4 miles east of KindPeoples weed dispensary. Take Soquel Drive towards the ocean and turn right onto Ocean Street. We look forward to serving you!

Does KindPeoples offer dispensary specials for UC Santa Cruz students?

We offer a 10% discount to current UC Santa Cruz students. Our dispensary is a short drive from campus, located about 2.5 miles away on Ocean Street. If you’re no longer a current student, that discount will not apply but our friendly staff is still happy to dispense premium cannabis products to anyone 21 and over, or 18 with a valid medical marijuana card, regardless of affiliation to UC Santa Cruz. 

How long does it take to get to KindPeoples dispensary from Downtown Santa Cruz?

KindPeoples Ocean Street Dispensary is conveniently located just 1.5 miles from Downtown Santa Cruz. Take Pacific Avenue towards the west and turn right onto Ocean Street. Our knowledgeable staff awaits to answer your questions and guide you through our product selection.

I’m on the Westside of Santa Cruz.  Is KindPeoples dispensary easy to get to?

Sure thing! From the Westside, KindPeoples weed dispensary is roughly 5 miles away. Head east on West Cliff Drive and turn right onto Ocean Street. We offer a comfortable atmosphere and a curated selection of cannabis products for recreational and medical users.

Can I stop by KindPeoples dispensary after a day at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk?

Yes!  Located about 2 miles from the Boardwalk, our KindPeoples Ocean Street Dispensary is a great place to shop for products to help you unwind after a fun day!

Read what our customers are saying about KindPeoples on Ocean Street

“My second visit to this location, and once again, it was really pleasant and enjoyable. A clean, well-lighted place to buy cannabis. (Which, honestly, delivers on the dreams of people for many decades. 🙂 ) The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and happy to help out with my questions. Good social distancing, and not too crowded, so there wasn’t a lot of waiting in line. Michael R. was the one who helped me check out, and he was friendly, and familiar with many of the products I had chosen. We had a nice chat while he rang things up. Would definitely recommend this location (and the other, which I’ve been to one time.) Top notch crew and selection! I’ll definitely be back.”


“This is amazing dispensary. Everything is help yourself. Customer service is great. Michael R. waited in me and was very friendly and informative. Highly recommend this store.”


“Second time coming into this dispensary. I am still amazed at the great customer service throughout the pandemic. My wife loves to shop here and now my mother in-law is just completely in love with this dispensary. Staff keeps the place well sanitized and clean and as always the crew is so knowledge and customer service was the best in town!!! Kudo’s to the management as well for serving our community during this crucial time with awesome and kind employees.”


KindPeoples Deals and Discounts

Come check our deals for daily and monthly savings on all your favorite cannabis products. We also have discounts for seniors, students, and veterans. Get discounts on your favorite flower, vape cartridges, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, CBD products, smoking accessories, KindPeoples apparel, and so much more. 

Why choose KindPeoples Dispensary in Santa Cruz

As the town’s favorite cannabis dispensary we have revolutionized the way people interact with products at the point of purchase, featuring hands-on shopping, touchscreen digital displays, online ordering, and quick order kiosks. Integrating state-of-the-art technology allows KindPeoples to provide customers with the experiences they’ve come to expect from mainstream retailers.

At KindPeoples, we strive to lead the industry by normalizing cannabis. We truly believe that this amazing plant is a great resource for wellness and relaxation as part of a healthy lifestyle. At KindPeoples we not only offer the best cannabis in all of Santa Cruz, but we also offer a long list of other amenities and benefits. At KindPeoples on Ocean Street, we strive to provide the most convenient experience for our customers, which is why we have a dedicated private parking lot in addition to a large section of street parking in front of our building. In addition to our parking, we offer an inviting retail experience that provides a comfortable environment for all of our guests. Located close to the ocean, KindPeoples is an ideal tourist spot to check out as you move through historic Santa Cruz and adventure out onto the boardwalk.