The 10 Best Weed Strains of 2023 in our Santa Cruz Dispensary

At KindPeoples Santa Cruz, we know the nose knows. That is why we’re following in our sister store’s footsteps and bringing the Highway Cannabis Blossom Bar experience to KindPeoples Santa Cruz.

We want our customers to go home with weed strains that are specifically pleasing to their unique palette, so we’ve brought our patented flower Atomizers to our Santa Cruz dispensary.

The Atomizer is a tool to elevate the sensory experience of cannabis shopping. The device’s design is inspired by European perfumeries, and much like a bottle of perfume, when the button on the atomizer is pressed, the terpene-fueled aroma inside is released to be experienced and enjoyed.

Flower Atomizers on display with the best weed strains in Santa Cruz at KindPeoples Dispensary.
Patented flower atomizers displaying the best weed strains in Santa Cruz at KindPeoples Dispensary.

In honor of the launch of the atomizers at KindPeoples Weed Dispensary, we decided to reflect on our year as flower aficionados and highlight what we think are some of the best weed strains of 2023. Our flower menu is constantly rotating to ensure we always have the freshest strains available. If these strains are currently out-of-stock, be sure to ask your KindPeoples Budtender for help selecting a similar strain.

Cannabiotix – Tropical Lemonade Strain

1/8th of Cannabiotix (CBX) weed in the Tropical Lemonade strain, a cross of the Tropicanna strain and Strawberry Lemonade strain.
An 8th of Cannabiotix (CBX) flower in the Tropical Lemonade strain. CBX is available at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by Cannabiotix.

What do you get when Cannabiotix (CBX) crosses two of their Cannabis Cup award-winning strains? Well, when it’s their Strawberry Lemonade strain and their Tropicanna strain, the result is a mouth-watering sativa strain that will leave you feeling like it’s the middle of summer, even as we’re heading into the coldest months of the year. 

The Tropical Lemonade strain from Cannabiotix captures the best of both its parent strains.  Both the bright citrus flavors from the Strawberry Lemonade strain parent, as well as notes of mango and funky rinds from the Tropicanna strain parent come together deliciously to produce feelings of energized euphoria and joy. 

If you’re a fan of the Tangie strain, Tropicanna Cookies strain, Strawberry Cough strain or the Lemon OG strain, our KindPeoples Santa Cruz Dispensary staff thinks you’ll love the Tropical Lemonade strain from Cannabiotix.

If you’re a fan of citrus weed strains like us and want to read more, check out our Top 10 Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains blog.

Fig Farms – Holy Moly strain

8th of Fig Farms weed in the Holy Moly strain, a cross of the Banana Fig strain and the Animal Mints strain. One of KindPeoples best weed strains of 2023.
An 8th of Fig Farms weed in the Holy Moly strain. Fig Farms is available at KindPeoples Dispensary. Photo by Fig Farms.

“Holy Moly. This quintessential sativa flower is a rocket ride straight to the moon,” our KindPeoples employee, Ariel shared after trying the Holy Moly strain. Smoking any strain from Fig Farms feels decadent, but their Holy Moly strain has such a complex inhale which makes it stand out as some of their best this year.

Holy Moly has a rich, chocolatey taste, which Fig Farms aptly describes as a chocolate mole sauce or like the center of a Tootsie Pop. We concur with that description, and we’ll add that we picked up on notes of banana, which derives from its parent, the Banana Fig strain, which is then crossed with the Animal Mints strain. In fact, the Banana Fig strain in Holy Moly’s genetics won Fig Farms 1st place at the Cannabis Cup and those award-winning genetics come through loud and clear in its potent powerhouse descendent.  

If you’re a fan of any of the strains in the Holy Moly strain family tree, such as the Purple Fig strain, Banana Split strain, Animal Cookies strain, Girl Scout Cookies strain or Blue Power strain, you need to get yourself an 8th of the Holy Moly strain from Fig Farms stat!

UpNorth – Lamb’s Bread strain

A nug of the Lamb’s Bread strain from UpNorth. Lamb’s Bread is one of the best weed strains at KindPeoples Santa Cruz.
A nug of the Lamb’s Bread strain from UpNorth at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by UpNorth.

At both KindPeoples Soquel and KindPeoples Ocean, we’re super fans of the Lamb’s Bread strain from UpNorth.  Grown in Humboldt County, which UpNorth cites as the home of the best cannabis on the planet, the Lamb’s Bread strain is the best of the best, the crème de la crème.  Our budtenders and customers alike can’t get enough of the UpNorth Lamb’s Bread.

When we all took our first hit of UpNorth’s Lamb’s Bread strain, we quickly and collectively understood UpNorth’s statement that some of the planet’s best weed is in fact grown behind the redwood curtain. According to one of our KindPeoples Santa Cruz managers, Dylan, the Lamb’s Bread strain from UpNorth is, “the cheesiest strain around.

The nose is a dead ringer for freshly ground parmesan. It’s an excellent Sativa strain that never causes me any anxiety or nervousness.” Take our word, if you see Lamb’s Bread on our shelves, you’ll want to grab one (or two) quickly because it never stays on shelf for long.

CAM – Bubba’s Girl strain

An 8th of the Bubba’s Girl strain from CAM, a genetic cross of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and the ’98 Bubba strain.
An 8th of Bubba’s Girl strain from CAM at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by CAM.

The Bubba’s Girl strain from CAM is a cross of the ’98 Bubba strain and the Girl Scout Cookies strain, and oh my gosh, what a masterful marriage.  All the fruitiness from the Girl Scout Cookies strain is matched perfectly with the earthiness of the Bubba strain, and if you really pay attention, you might pick up on notes of gas and citrus. 

CAM can do no wrong in our opinion, and if you want to try all their amazing strains, which we highly recommend doing, you can shop online for CAM at KindPeoples Soquel and KindPeoples Ocean.

CAM – Kush Mints strain

An 8th of the Kush Mints strain from CAM, a genetic cross of the Bubba Kush strain and the Animal Mints strain.
An 8th of the Kush Mints strain from CAM at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by CAM.

We don’t know what CAM puts in their water, but they made our list not once, but twice this year. All of CAM’s strains are truly perfect so we had a hard time narrowing down our favorites but, in the end, the decision was unanimous. In 2023, their critically acclaimed Kush Mints strain, a cross from Bubba Kush strain and Animal Mints strain is some of the best of the best.

From our experience, their Kush Mints strain has a sweet, musty, minty aroma and a taste that resembles doughy shortbread, with its minty notes becoming more obvious with every hit.  Doesn’t it make your mouth water just thinking about it? As CAM describes it, the Kush Mints strain “is the kind of cannabis that can make you feel better just by smelling it,” and that’s true, but it’s even better when you light it up.  Inhale, exhale, smile, repeat.

Lowell Farms | Gelatti strain

Three different strains of Lowell Farms, including the Purple Banana strain, Wedding Cake strain and Lemon Jack strain.
Three different Lowell Farms strains, including the Lemon Jack strain, Wedding Cake strain and Purple Banana strain. The Gelatti strain is not pictured. Photo by Lowell Farms.

The Gelatti strain is a hybrid cross of two powerhouse, cult-favorites—the Gelato strain and the Biscotti strain. It thus comes as no surprise that their marriage results in a final product that is as iconic as its parents and comes packing its own potent punch.  Greenhouse grown, Lowell Farms’ cannabis flies off our shelves.

Our customers love it, we love it, and if you feel like you’re missing out, come ask our Santa Cruz Dispensary staff to show you Lowell Herb Co., in our flower atomizers. If you love the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain, Sunset Sherbet strain, or any Gelato strains or Biscotti strains, we think you’d love the Gelatti strain from Lowell Herb Co.

Revelry Herb Co. – Papaya Cheesecake strain

An 8th and a nug of the Papaya Cheesecake strain from Revelry, a cross of the Papaya strain and Cheesecake strain.
An 8th and a nug of Revelry’s Papaya Cheesecake strain at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by Revelry.

We love everything we smoked from Revelry Herb Co. this year, but their Papaya Cheesecake strain stands tall amongst the pack. Revelry perfectly captured two of our all-time favorite flavor profiles in their Papaya Cheesecake strain. The funky cheese is loud and perfectly balanced with the sweet, tropical, fruity papaya goodness.

When we first smelled the Papaya Cheesecake strain, we audibly gasped, in a good way.  The aroma hit us hard on the first inhale, but it was on the second that the nuance and complexity really made itself known. It’s strains like this that remind us why we love what we do. If you’re a fan of any Cheesecake strains or Papaya strains, you need to try Revelry’s Papaya Cheesecake strain, you’ll understand why when you taste it yourself.

Pacific Stone – Blue Dream strain

A half ounce of the Pacific Stone’s of Blue Dream strain, a sativa strain that is very popular at KindPeoples Santa Cruz.
A half ounce bag of the Blue Dream strain from Pacific Stone at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by Pacific Stone.

Some strains are so good we catch ourselves reaching into our stash repeatedly, and it’s in those moments that we’re grateful we opted for a half ounce of flower instead of only an 8th. That is always the case when it comes to the Blue Dream strain from Pacific Stone. Pacific Stone prides themselves on providing cost-effective cannabis in a variety of bulk sizes, and with a cult-favorite like the Blue Dream strain, the answer is always yes when it comes to sizing up.

It’s no secret the minimalism trend has really risen to prominence across many different sectors over the last few years, but Pacific Stone’s Blue Dream strain reminds us that sometimes, more is more. The Blue Dream strain is a cross of the Blueberry strain and the Haze strain. Once you feel the Blue Dream strain’s effects wash over you, you’ll see for yourself what we mean by more is more. 

Cream of the Crop – Watermelon Mimosa strain

An 8th of the Watermelon Mimosa strain from Cream of the Crop, a cross of the Jesus OG strain and Watermelon Zkittlez strain.
An 8th of the Watermelon Mimosa strain from Cream of the Crop at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by Cream of the Crop.

Haven’t you heard? Day drinking is out, we smoke our mimosas now!  The Watermelon Mimosa strain from Cream of the Crop is a cross between the Watermelon Zkittlez strain and the Jesus OG strain and is dominant in the limonene terpene, which is a driving force behind its zappy, creative high. 

Cream of the Crop prides themselves on their cannabis connoisseurship and their artistry and craftsmanship is shown in all its glory in their Watermelon Mimosa strain.  Next time your friend suggests going out for Mimosas, offer to drive and go straight to KindPeoples Santa Cruz to buy an 1/8th or two of the Watermelon Mimosa strain from Cream of the Crop.  Hangovers are so last year! 

Binske – Bonkers GMO strain

An 8th of the Bonkers GMO strain from Binske, a cross of Banana Punch strain and GMO strain available in at KindPeoples.
An 8th of Bonkers GMO from Binske at KindPeoples Santa Cruz. Photo by Binske.

We’ve never met a GMO strain we didn’t like but there’s something about this Bonkers GMO strain from Binske that really wow’ed us. A genetic cross of the Banana Punch strain with the GMO strain, the Bonkers GMO strain overflows with flavor.  When you take a hit of the Bonkers GMO strain, you’ll pick up on flavor notes of pineapple and banana, and of course, the strain’s namesakes, garlic, mushrooms and onion.

We know these are flavors that might sound contradictory, but Binske has managed to bring them together masterfully in their Bonkers GMO strain. It really is, well, bonkers!

Shop online for other GMO products at KindPeoples Soquel and KindPeoples Ocean.

We had so many amazing strains at KindPeoples Dispensary in 2023, we have to give a few honorable mentions. 

The Kush Cake strain from Claybourne made all our worries melt away after one hit, while their Durban Poison strain made our cheeks hurt from smiling. Our whole staff is in agreement that the Menthol strain from Sense Cannabis, which is a genetic cross of the Chemdawg strain and Girl Scout Cookies strain, deserves the same hype as its iconic parent strains. 

According to our KindPeoples crew member, Ian, “the Menthol strain is a gassy indica that quickly will have you losing track of time and sinking into the couch. It’s a great strain for those looking for an anti-anxiety and end of day relaxation.”

Disagree with any of our takes? Visit either of our KindPeoples Santa Cruz stores to let your local budtenders know which strains made your list for best strains of 2023 and to discuss what you’re excited to smoke in 2024.

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