Top 10 Citrus Weed Strains

Bursting with flavor and enticing aromas, citrusy cannabis strains have captured the attention of connoisseurs ever since the Super Lemon Haze strain won the Cannabis Cup back in 2008. With familiar aromas reminiscent of a variety of fruits including oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes, these uniquely delicious cannabis strains have become more desirable as consumers shift their focus from THC potency to flavor.

Cannabis smells like lemons because of the presence of limonene, a terpene that’s also responsible for the aroma of citrus fruits. Terpenes are part of the molecular building blocks of all plants, with a wide variety of different terpenes working simultaneously to create the complex, luscious aromas of different cannabis strains.

Beyond the power to simply smell amazing, terpenes also have medical benefits that contribute to the healing power of cannabis. Limonene is believed to help uplift mood and thwart symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system, among other effects.

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Lemon Tree Strain

A local legend, the Lemon Tree strain is cultivated in the Santa Cruz mountains, where this beautiful citrus weed strain attracted international attention due to its incredible flavor. This lemon weed strain is LOUD—filling your nose with fresh Meyer Lemon, savory citrus rind, pungent skunk, and a hint of sharp gas that cuts through the rest of the terps.

As you exhale, you’ll notice instantaneous effects on your mind and body as lucid euphoria sets in, invigorating the user with a joyful burst of balanced energy. Ideal for daytime use, especially in moderate doses, this flower delivers a stimulating buzz and an analgesic body high, making it a perfect choice for those trying to quell stress, anxiety, and pain without being sedated. An instant hit at social gatherings, you can’t lose with the Lemon Tree strain!

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Clementine Strain
Genetics: Tangie strain x Lemon Skunk strain

Like a freshly-peeled tangerine, this chunky flower fills the room with bold aromas of sweet, sharp citrus and pungent skunk. Just as refreshing as the nose, exhaling the smoke delivers a burst of flavor to your sinuses, reminiscent of being inside a citrus grove.

Enlivening and revitalizing, this citrus weed strain’s psychoactivity quickly turns around a bad mood, imparting measured, calm stimulation. While Sativa strains can be a bit overwhelming for the average person, the buzz from the Clementine strain remains very relaxing, despite the otherwise energizing effects. Ideal for daytime use, users will likely experience a focused, present euphoria, capable of kickstarting a lethargic morning.

Golden Lemons strain (aka Lucky Lemons #7)
Genetics: Kosher Kush strain x Lemon Skunk strain

In this incredible lemon weed strain, perfectly-cured dense nugs arrive covered in peach-colored hairs and caked in bright, golden trichomes. Refreshingly sharp citrus combines with the savoriness of fresh lemon zest, and just a bit of dank, sweet earth to form a truly delicious bouquet. Expect a balanced, extremely potent high that imparts feelings of focus and motivation, coupled with a warm, buzzing physical relaxation that leads to a couchlocked sedation. The Golden Lemons strain is extremely potent, so prepare yourself for an impressively-strong smoking experience.

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Lemon Skunk strain

Lime green buds nestle beneath orange pistils and a shimmering blanket of golden trichomes. Bursting with flavors of sweet lemon candy, more nuanced notes of pungent cheese and savory spice waft up to your nose after grinding the amazing buds of this lemon weed strain.

With the pleasant-tasting smoke still hanging in the air, the effects of this award-winning lemon weed strain quickly become apparent. The high begins with a rush of stimulating euphoria, quickly evolving into a clear-headed, yet enjoyably stony focus. Great for beating fatigue and re-energizing yourself, the Lemon Skunk strain is also quite calming, both mentally and physically, with a gentle body high that soothes your muscles.

Double Banana Tangie strain
Genetics: Tangie strain x Banana OG strain x Tangie strain

So loud and so frosty, this bright-green flower exudes aromas of creamy banana candy (much like banana-flavored Laffy Taffy), mixed with hints of sharp citrus and earth in the background. The presence of the Banana OG strain in this genetic cross mellows multiple aspects of the flower. First, it sweetens the flavor, making for a very clean citrus weed taste and smell. Second, it makes for a much more relaxing high than one would expect. Double Banana Tangie strain delivers a typical hybrid-style effect, somewhat energizing and physically relaxing. This is a good citrus weed strain to share with friends, as it isn’t overly heavy in low to moderate doses.

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Orange Tree strain

Caked in resin, the dense, large buds of this highly sought-after flower exude a complex aroma that is at once sharp and sweet, yet extremely savory, not unlike perfectly-seasoned barbecue topped with a hefty sprinkling of lemon zest. When inhaled, the citrusy smoke releases an invigorating buzz that relieves tension in body and mind. Pleasantly euphoric, the user is now relaxed and free from  the burdens of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. As the experience winds down, calming lucidity transforms into stony lethargy, so it’s best to reserve this citrus weed strain for use in the evenings, especially if you have a lower tolerance for THC.

Rainbow Sherbet strain
Genetics: Champagne strain x Blackberry strain

Wow, this flower looks insane! The buds of this citrus weed strain blend tones of bright green and a deep purple that’s almost black; swathed in an impressive layer of sparkling THC-filled trichomes. This cannabis smells like a combination of freshly-peeled oranges and Fruity Pebbles cereal, it’s very sweet and citrusy. With well-balanced genetics and significant terpene content, this fruity weed strain possesses versatile psychoactive effects that create a fun, giddy high. Rainbow Sherbet often imparts a feeling of focused creativity, along with a pleasant buzz throughout the body. Patients will find that it can relieve stress, anxiety, and pain very quickly; all with very little risk of feeling “couchlocked.”.

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Tangie strain
Genetics: California Orange strain x Skunk strain

Like many Sativa flowers, the Tangie strain excels in the realm of flavor and effect, but is often lacking in bud structure. Fortunately, that is not the case with this specific variety! The nugs are chunky, large, extremely frosty, and of course, incredibly loud. Huge notes of freshly-peeled mandarin orange delicately mingle with a full-bodied tang, balancing the flavor with a bit of savoriness in this citrus weed strain. The effects are almost jarringly uplifting, delivering a lucid, energetic buzz that quickly creeps into the brain, releasing a torrent of nonlinear thought perfect for a creative task. After the initial burst of euphoria, the high mellows into a grounded, motivated passion, making this citrus sativa strain a potent remedy for fatigue and stress, and also an ideal choice for daytime activities.

Banana Split strain
Genetics: Tangie strain x Banana Sherbet strain

Large, thick, perfectly-cured nugs wrapped in hues of violet, green, and gold, momentarily obstructed by tufts of delicately-colored pistils vying for space amongst a blanket of fine white trichomes. The smell explodes out of the jar of this fruity weed strain, invading the nose with fresh, sharp tangerine, savory citrus rind, and just a hint of fuel.

The Banana Split strain’s warm, giddy buzz seeps into the user’s head, creeping up on you well after the smoke is exhaled, calming any stress, anxiety, or tension.  Your eyelids get heavy, and your body feels floaty, but your mind will remain lucid and pleasantly euphoric. With uplifting effects and crazy delicious flavor, the Banana Split strain is a perfect choice for sharing during a gathering of friends.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Genetics: Sunset Sherbet strain x Girl Scout Cookies strain

The Lemon Cherry Gelato strain, a hybrid cannabis strain is popular among seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. One hit and consumers drift into a state of euphoria. This lemon weed strain has an incredible aroma with notes of lime, berries, and citrus. The dense layer of trichomes that blanket the lemon cherry gelato strain make the buds sparkly and enticing, packing a potent punch of terpenes and cannabinoids that make this one of the best tasting strains we’ve tried in a long time. If you’re a fan of weed that smells like lemon, you definitely won’t want to miss out on the luxurious smoking experience that is lemon cherry gelato. 

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Updated: 1/26/2024