How to grow cannabis from seed

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I germinate seeds? 

Wet a paper towel, place your seeds on the towel and gently fold over. Place the moist paper towel with your seeds in a plastic bag, exhale some air into it, seal it and place it in a warm place. Seeds germinate best at 78°F. Within 72 hours a taproot should appear. 

How long will it take to germinate? 

Seeds will germinate within 24 to 72 hours. Keep the seeds in a warm, moist (not wet) and dark environment. 

What if my seeds don’t germinate? 

If your seeds do not germinate after 3-4 days, check to see if the seed is still viable by placing it in a glass of water. If it sinks, it is still viable. If it floats, it will likely not sprout. If viable, try repeating the germination process.  

When can I put the seedlings outside?

A seedling should only go outside if the temperature is above 60°F to avoid stunting, and after first acclimating it to direct sunlight. A simple trick is to put the seedling near a sunny window for a couple weeks. Once it has grown a couple layers of serrated leaves, move the plant outside for a few hours during the sunniest part of the day, increasing it by an hour each day for about two weeks. Your seedling should then be strong enough to be moved outside full time. Remember, during the vegetative phase, you want the seedling to receive 18 hours of light, so you may have to supplement your outdoor sunlight. 

How do I sex the seedling if it’s not feminized?

Generally, the earliest your seedling will show male traits is 4 weeks. Males tend to grow taller quicker than female plants. Otherwise, you’ll typically be able to sex your seedlings at 45 days. Even when seedlings are feminized, there is a chance a female can show male traits when under stress.

How are feminized seeds created?

There are multiple ways to create feminized seeds by applying different types of natural solutions. The most common is colloidal silver. These solutions are sprayed on mother plants that are created from stable clones. The solutions force the mother plant to grow male pollen sacs. These pollen sacs only contain female chromosomes. That pollen can then be collected or the mother plant allowed to pollinate other female plants. The resulting seeds are feminized up to 99.9%. 

When will the plant start flowering?

The flowering phase is when the female plant develops its reproductive anatomy. Then comes trichome development. In cannabis, trichomes actually function as a defense mechanism. During the flowering phase, light is decreased from 18 to 10-12 hours and, most importantly, the plant has uninterrupted darkness. Flowering phase usually lasts 7-9 weeks or longer. Autoflower strains, which don’t need a change in light to begin flowering, can start flowering within 4-6 weeks.

Can I cut clones off my seedling?

Technically, yes. As long as the seedling has multiple side branches or enough internode separation that you can take a cutting without damaging your seedling. Generally you should grow your seedling out for between two weeks to a month before attempting to cut a clone. The cutting should be immediately put in a rooting solution. 

What is the average shelf life of a cannabis seed? 

The shelf-life of cannabis seeds depends on the robustness of the seed itself. On average, if kept in a cool, dark (not humid) place your seeds can last from six months to a year. 

How can you extend the shelf life of cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds can last for years if they are kept in a vacuum sealed container and refrigerated. 

How do I tell if my seeds are still viable? Worth growing?

To check if your seed is still viable, drop it into a cup of water. If it sinks, it is still viable. If it floats it will likely not germinate. 

Which grow faster, seeds or clones?

Plants from seed will generally grow faster because they will produce a tap root whereas clones produce more lateral roots. However, if you start with a clone, you will have bypassed the germination and sprouting phases, which will cut down on your overall growing time. 

Why are some seeds so expensive?

Feminized and autoflower seeds tend to be more expensive than regular seeds. Feminized seeds result in female plants that produce the desired flower or bud. Autoflower seeds are not dependent on changes in light patterns to flower and have a shorter growth cycle, making them easier for beginners.

What seed strains are best for humid vs dry climates? 

Sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strains, overall, are best for warm and humid situations. Dry climates are simpler to grow in, however take care to keep your soil watered so it doesn’t dry out or get too hot that it bakes your roots. 

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