How to Store Cannabis Flower and Products to Preserve Terpenes

Best Way to Preserve Terpenes

The best way to preserve terpenes in your resinous flower cannabis is to handle your cannabis with care. Cannabis flowers must be processed and handled properly after harvest to maintain as many of the resinous trichomes, the terpene and THC-packed crystals, as possible. Trichomes are the sparkly resin glands that coat cannabis flowers and they are extremely fragile.

When agitated through rough shipping and handling, many of these particles will break off and end up collecting in the bottom of bags and jars. These sparkly weed trichomes also comprise the content of all hash and extracts made from cannabis flowers. If you want to experience the optimal flavor and potency of your weed, it’s important to take steps to preserve your terpenes.

Storing Your Cannabis Products

The following are some tips on how to store your cannabis flower to preserve terpenes and maintain the weed flavor so that you can experience its full effects. Shop cannabis products at KindPeoples Ocean Street and KindPeoples Soquel Avenue.

How to Store Cannabis Flower

It’s always best to keep cannabis flowers in an airtight, opaque glass jar, and keep the lid on as much as possible. When you take your cannabis flower home KindPeoples Weed Dispensary, best practice to preserve your terpenes would be to transfer the flower from its original packaging into opaque cannabis glass, then store it in a cool, dark place. Shop Cannabis flower at KindPeoples Ocean Street and KindPeoples Soquel Avenue.

How Does Air Affect Cannabis Storage

Exposing cannabis and extracts to the air will cause terpenes to evaporate, making flower stale and flavorless. Additionally, direct sunlight and heat can cause terpenes to evaporate, degrade cannabinoids and cause the product to lose potency. Avoid exposing your cannabis to air to preserve your terpenes.

Leaving Weed in a Hot Car

Try not to leave any cannabis products in a hot car to preserve your terpenes, which can rapidly degrade both flavor and potency. Leaving your vape pen in a hot car can also cause THC cartridges to leak and break, so be aware of this issue and store your weed vape pen in a purse or backpack if you need it on the move.

How to Store Cannabis Gummies

Keep your cannabis gummies stored in a cool, dry place. Make sure you close the lid of your THC gummies tightly or transfer your cannabis gummies into an air tight container like a Tupperware or cannabis glass. When exposed to air, you might notice that your cannabis gummies have gone stale. If you leave your THC gummies in an environment that is too warm, they might melt together into one massive edible gummy. Explore cannabis gummies at KindPeoples Ocean Street and KindPeoples Soquel Avenue.

How to Store Cannabis Extracts to Preserve Terpenes

The best temp to store weed extracts is about 54ºF, similar to a wine cooler. Keeping your hash in a cool, dark place will extend the life of the product for up to several months and preserve your terpenes.

Hash and extracts usually arrive in glass or plastic jars, and sometimes will be wrapped in parchment paper. This is common of extracts like shatter. To preserve terpenes on cannabis extracts, avoid placing these products in your pockets as your body heat will affect its consistency.

Live resin is the most perishable type of extract and should be dabbed within a few days of purchase to experience the best of the resinous trichomes and flavor of weed.

Using silicone jars to store weed extracts is okay for short-term use, and silicone is handy because the extracts don’t stick to it, but these types of containers aren’t airtight, so if you’re not consuming your concentrates within a week, we recommend using glass jars instead to best preserve your terpenes.

If you’re not using your cannabis or extracts immediately, you can store your weed in the fridge to preserve terpenes. It’s best not to use the freezer since the process of thawing it out can introduce condensation and moisture to your products. If you’re storing cannabis products in the fridge, allow them to come to room temperature before consuming, since this will give you the best weed flavor. Place them back in the fridge when done to preserve your cannabis extract until you consume next.

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Updated 2/15/2024