Jeeter Red Label Weed | Available at KindPeoples Dispensary

Jeeter fans, get ready… The Jeeter Red Label is available at KindPeoples Soquel Avenue and KindPeoples Ocean Street in Santa Cruz starting this Saturday, April 6th! We fully expect the Jeeter Red Label to fly off the shelves; therefore, if you want to try it for yourself, don’t hesitate!

Jeeter Red Label 8th of weed now available at KindPeoples Dispensary in Santa Cruz
Jeeter Red Label available at KindPeoples Dispensary in Santa Cruz. Photo from Jeeter.

The KindPeoples Santa Cruz team is thrilled to announce this groundbreaking product launch from the cult-favorite cannabis brandJeeter.  The team that brought us Baby Jeeter Prerolls and Jeeter Juice Carts has now entered the flower market with the launch of Jeeter Red Label, a boutique indoor extra large 8th of weed with an extra gram.

This is cannabis at its very best—premium, artisanal, high-potency, top-shelf genetics, grown locally in central California. It doesn’t get better than this!

Where can customers buy Jeeter Red Label cannabis?

There’s a very limited number of weed dispensaries in California where customers can purchase the highly-anticipated Jeeter Weed Red Label.  KindPeoples Soquel Avenue and KindPeoples Ocean Street are thrilled to be two of those exclusive vendors.

Customers have been coming to KindPeoples Dispensary to shop long-time favorites from the Jeeter collection, including Jeeter Juice Carts, Jeeter Juice Disposable Vape Pens, Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamonds, Baby Jeeter Pre Rolls, Jeeter Cannons and more. Now, they can shop all that and the Jeeter Red Label at KindPeoples Soquel Avenue and KindPeoples Ocean Street.   

Where is Jeeter growing their flower?

Petar Dimitrov, Jeeter’s Chief Product Officer, shared that the Jeeter team has been wanting to enter the flower space for a long time. Nonetheless, Jeeter wanted to get it right. That meant, they weren’t going to launch their flower line until they found a trusted cultivation partner. Above all, that meant finding a cultivator who would be able to consistently deliver on Jeeter’s standard of quality.  

Ultimately, after a long search, they found that partner in Preferred Gardens, a cannabis cultivator based in Sacramento, California. This partnership ensures that customers can trust the final product from Jeeter Red Label. Sourced from the finest cuts of cannabis and always grown under extremely precise conditions, you can expect consistency and top-tier excellence in every jar.

David Polley, the Founder of Preferred Gardens, has mastered the art of cannabis cultivation. On growing cannabis, Polley said, “Weed smokes differently when you care about it.”  For those of us who have smoked high quality cannabis, we know just how true that is. Polley went on to say, “The plants are all alive. You’ve got to treat them like you care about them.” 

What’s in the Jar?

When you smoke an XL 8th of weed from the Jeeter Red Label, you can taste the care and attention given to every individual plant from the Preferred Gardens team.  

In this initial launch, there will be two incredible strains, each a 4g 8th of weed, available at KindPeoples’ dispensaries in Santa Cruz. The Cheat Meal strain and the Permanent Marker strain.  Jeeter is prioritizing quality over everything with this launch. That means these two strains will be small, boutique batches that smoke perfectly. 

The Permanent Marker Strain

The Permanent Marker strain, an indica, from the Jeeter Red Label. Now available at KindPeoples
The Permanent Marker strain from the Jeeter Red Label. Image by Jeeter.

The Permanent Marker strain, named Leafly’s Best Weed Strain of 2023, has a floral, soapy, candy and gassy aroma.  A relaxing daytime indica, the Permanent Marker strain provides a creative boost that will have you reaching for more. A genetic cross of Sherb Bx x Biscotti x Jealousy strain, the Permanent Marker strain has a pungent flavor of soapy funk and sweet candy. It’s no breaks, just gas with this eighth of weed. The Permanent Marker strain pairs nicely with a trip to the Santa Cruz Cinema or to your favorite downtown Santa Cruz restaurants.

The Cheat Meal Strain

The Cheat Meal strain from the Jeeter Red Label. Photo by Jeeter.

The Cheat Meal strain immediately brings on a heavy mental buzz that descends into a soothing full-body high.  When you try this sativa strain, you’ll find it’s a valuable tool for igniting creativity and generating an uplifted mood. The Cheat Meal strain can amplify any daytime activity in Santa Cruz. We recommend pairing this sativa strain with some Santa Cruz hikes or a visit to the Santa Cruz Farmers Market.

How are we celebrating the launch?

We know our customers are huge Jeeter fans! Our KindPeoples dispensary team is so excited to provide our customers with access to the most-anticipated Jeeter products in the state. We’re celebrating this historic launch with a limited time promotion.

When customers buy any Jeeter Red Label Flower from KindPeoples Soquel Avenue or KindPeoples Ocean Street, they’ll receive a half-gram Infused Jeeter Preroll for a penny.