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The concentrate shelves at KindPeoples are a connoisseur's paradise for hash, shatter and wax. From translucent, terpene-rich oils to the finest full melt coldwater hash, we've got you covered. We offer many Cannabis Cup-winning extracts artists you can't find anywhere else on the Central Coast. Extracts companies that we carry include PoP Naturals, Panacea Farms, West Coast Cure, O-Pen, Hard Candy Farms and our very own KindExtracts. Choose from a world class presentation of cannabis extracts at KindPeoples.

They are most definitely well versed in extraction methods, purging techniques, residual solvent screens and go the extra mile to make sure there isn’t any “backyard boogie” on their concentrate menu. They seek out the professionals in the industry who make safe waxes and shatters and stock them.
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Concentrated Cannabis

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Live Resin

Live Resin is a whole plant extraction where ripe flowers are frozen immediately after harvest. Freezing ensures that fertile and juicy oils rich with terpenes are preserved. The concentrate is extracted in a sub-zero temperature to manage the amount of moisture in the extracts. The flowers have not been dried or cured so the terpenes have yet to evaporate leaving an exponentially more flavorful concentrate.


Cold Water Extracts

Solventless or Cold Water Hash Extraction is a manual method that involves agitating plant matter with ice in a container such as a five gallon bucket. The trichome heads on the plant contain the cannabinoids and terpenes. With the cold water mixture these trichomes become brittle and ice cubes collide against each other with cannabis in the mix leaving a wash of concentrated collections of trichomes through each micron bag in the container. After agitating for about 30 minutes, the work bag is pulled and the solution is left to settle for another 30+ minutes. The micron bags are pulled and the hash is collected using a spoon or utensil then dried for at least 24 hours. Some hash makers microplane their hash patties to increase the surface area, allowing a cohesive dry which improves the color and taste.



Shatter comes from using a solvent to strip and extract cannabinoids and beneficial oils like terpenes from cannabis. The only difference between wax and shatter is ensuring that the process of extracting and purging is completely uniform and consistent with no mixing or variables changing during the process. For a completely stable shatter the starting materials must be rich in THCA and not decarboxylated because the presence of more THC can make the concentrate sappy.



Wax is created using a solvent to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. The solvent is purged and what remains is a concentrated hash oil. The presence of THCA and other non-decarboxylated solids separating from the oils can make the concentrate opaque. The process of extracting a wax and shatter are very similar; it is through agitating the concentrate via mixing or whipping that creates a waxy, opaque, crumbly structure.