Sublime’s Fuzzies infused pre-rolls are genius

You know that friend who eats popcorn and milk like it’s cereal and swears it’s the most amazing food combination ever? No? Well, you should try it because popcorn and milk is actually really good! It’s almost sweet….

A similar spark of genius occurred at Sublime when they came up with their line of infused pre-rolls—Fuzzies. It all started when production assistant – now Head of Sourcing – Ivan Ledesma, convinced former Head of Production – now CEO Ahmer Iqbal, to try one of his tasty joints rolled in their vape distillate. Ivan SWORE by it, and you know what, he was right—it was delicious. It turned out to be a massive hit. 

But, there was an obstacle—how to package the joint with the distillate all over it? That was when their Head of Production got the great idea to put kief on top of the distillate to make sure the pre-roll was not sticky and burned well. The rest is HISTORY!

Sublime Fuzzies are mixed with extract and rolled in oil and kief. All oil and kief is sourced in-house. In the past, they used to source those materials from other partners, but they soon learned that when you want something done a certain way, it is best to do it yourself!

Fuzzies are made with top-of-the line flower and really pack a punch. They come in King and Mini sizes and different varieties: OG Kush Indica, Super Silver Haze Sativa, Wedding Cake Hybrid and CBD. 

But, did the Sublime team ever step back, and think—we are putting too much good stuff in one pre-roll? 

“In the beginning—yes,” wrote Head of Sales, Stan Wong. “But with all the positive feedback we’ve received from our fans we knew that we were onto something. Now we are looking into ways that we can add EVEN MORE to the Fuzzies—coming soon!.”


Since Sublime got their pre-roll game on point, we thought we’d ask—what makes the perfect pre-roll and why do people love them so much? 

“Some A+ bud, organic rolling papers and oil and kief to coat the outside!” wrote Wong. “We believe people love pre-rolls because of the convenience of being able to smoke on the go as well as being a timesaver to the monotonous task of rolling yourself.”  

So, if you haven’t already done so, try Sublime Fuzzies—also, popcorn and milk. Because, yum! 

Sublime Mini Fuzzies and King Fuzzies available now at KindPeoples