5 Best Questions to Ask Your Budtender

When visiting your favorite local dispensary, KindPeoples Santa Cruz, getting the benefit of a personalized consultation from a knowledgeable cannabis consultant really helps narrow down the plethora of choices to discover the products that are right for you.

For consumers who are new to consuming cannabis, the sheer number of products–cannabis flowers, weed vape pods, tinctures, THC gummies, topicals, extracts, vape cartridges, and more–can be daunting to consider. This can create a considerable knowledge barrier to overcome when first entering a weed dispensary.

While our cannabis consultants are accustomed and trained to take all of the time necessary to fully answer the questions a customer might have, it’s good to brush up on your cannabis knowledge so you can ask the right questions that serve your needs.

Learn how to fully maximize your consultation time by asking these simple questions which will help your budtender select the right items quickly and easily.

5 Best Questions to Ask your Budtender

1. What’s fresh today?

Be specific about what type of product you’re most interested in. Do you want to smoke or not? Looking for edibles, vape cartridges or flowers? If you’re looking for flowers, ask the budtender about freshness, since a recently harvested crop will be more flavorful than something that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while.

2. What’s the best value right now?

If there’s any sales or special deals going on, make sure to inquire about what products are discounted and how much. If there’s a high-quality vape cart or cannabis extract on sale at a great price, then consider trying it! Dispensaries are constantly trying to keep products moving off the shelves, so there’s frequently good deals to be had.

3. What’s local?

Many dispensaries stock small batch, regional specialties, so if you’re visiting a new place, be sure to ask about local producers. You might just find out about a new farmer or edibles maker who creates artisanal cannabis products that aren’t available where you live. After all, variety is the spice of life!

4. What’s the newest product you’re stocking?

With new brands and products launching every month in the burgeoning cannabis industry, there’s innovative new items being onboarded at dispensaries quite often. Always ask about what’s new or unique so you can stay up-to-date on the hottest new cannabis products and try interesting new things, such as “effects-specific” products designed to evoke different moods.

5. How is this cannabis grown?

When considering flowers, always ask if the budtender knows about whether or not the cannabis has been grown using eco-friendly techniques. Ask for sungrown, outdoor cannabis if you’re concerned about supporting small family farmers growing boutique buds. Knowing where the cannabis was grown and processed also applies to “added value” items like vape carts and edibles as well.

A lot of people like to ask budtenders what their favorite products are, and while these recommendations can be helpful, your budtender is likely to have different needs and THC tolerances compared to your own. Every individual has different needs, so make sure that you’re getting the correct advice tailored to your lifestyle and cannabis tolerance.

Asking these five questions to the budtenders you meet will help expand your cannabis knowledge while finding the best products that you’ll enjoy!