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KindPeoples nurture one of the largest seed banks on the West Coast. Our breeders include international legends like Bodhi and Crockett Family Farms with their cup-winning strains Goji OG and Tangie. California genetics from Southern Humboldt Seed Company, Central Coast breeders like Coastal Seeds and Equilibrium Genetics along with Bay Area heavyweights Medicinal Organics, Purple Caper Seeds and Southern California favorites SoCal Seed Co. Industry pioneers TGA Subcool Seeds and MTG grace our selection with powerfully robust and diverse genetics to excite and inspire growers. By stewarding seeds we provide our patients with innovative phenotypes of exotic strains, including land race varieties specific to geographical regions of the earth. Our seeds grow more vigorously than clones and continue to evolve the profession of the cannabis plant into the world wide healing phenomenon that is taking our health consciousness to the next level.

We carry many different types of cannabis seeds, so finding the right genetics for your garden shouldn’t be a problem.

Regular Seeds
Regular seeds are the production of crossing a male plant to a female plant. The offspring produced by crossing one strain to another, is called the F1 generation. Crossing a male and female from F1 stock produces a line that is called an F2. This process goes on for about 4-8 generations, depending on the strain, until it gets to the point where almost every female/male found is going to look just like the next female/male from that crossing. Once this continuity has been achieved, this is now called an IBL, or Inbred Line. For people that are looking for stable genetics to grow and keep around, look no further than our Humboldt Seed Company seed packs that have been bred to the point of being Inbred Lines. These seeds will offer the most uniformity when compared to their brother or sister plants. Most breeders cross a strain once and then sell those seeds as just the F1 line. This can be great for breeders as this generation produces a high amount of variability in what the plant will grow like and the flowers it will produce, and breeders can pick and choose the Phenotype that is right for them. The draw back to Regular seeds is that the ratio of male to female that you will get is unknown until flowering starts and the plants present their sex to the world. It is possible to germinate a full pack of regular seeds and end up with all males and no females to produce usable flowers for a harvest. 

Feminized Seeds
Feminized seeds were originally developed as a way to preserve clone only strains in seed form. Feminized seeds are produced by forcing a female plant to produce male flowers. This can be caused by introducing light at set times during the dark hours of flowering, or spraying the flower sites of a female plant with Colloidal Silver to produce a chemical change in the plant that produces Male flowers with pollen. That pollen from those "Male" flowers are then used to pollinate other female flowers, and because the pollen from these "Male" flowers is originally from a plant that is technically female, all of the offspring produced should be female with about a 99% rate of success. One thing that can cause feminized seeds to show male/hermaphroditic traits is when the feminizing process is not done correctly, or the strains used in the Feminized cross are not genetically stable. Our breeders have spent a lot of time honing their skills when it comes to producing Feminized Seeds and locking down genetically stable strains to work with. 

Auto Flower Seeds
Auto Flower seed packs are crosses of modern day favorites with Old School Ruderalis strains. Cannabis Ruderalis is the 3rd subtype of Marijuana, the other two being Indica and Sativa based on growing traits. Cannabis Ruderalis is typically found closer to the North and South Pole, and have a very different lifespan compared to strains originating closer to the Equator. Due to the lack of sunlight for extended periods of time at both the North and South Pole, Cannabis Ruderalis strains have developed to the point where no matter how much light is present, they will finish out their life cycle. This means that they will typically grow for about 30 days after germination, at which time regardless of the amount of sunlight present they will start to flower for the next 6-8 weeks. Typically Ruderalis strains produce little to no THC, but after the amount of breeding that has been done by crossing Ruderalis strains to THC heavy strains and then backcrossing for Ruderalis traits, the cannabis community has seen a large influx in the interest for these crosses due to their ease of growth and THC production. These plants stay small and stocky and are ideal for first time growers and people dealing with little room to work with.

Discovery Packs
Discovery packs are a new offering by Humboldt Seed Company as a way of introducing seeds to the greater public. These seed packs are ranging between 5-12 seeds and contain Autoflower, Feminized, and Regular seed packs. In an attempt to lighten the load on both your wallet and your potential grow, you can delve into these packs and find something that is right for you. These seed packs are highly recommended for first time growers. 

To find the seed you need, check out the KindGenetics Seed Finder. Search our entire catalog of seeds by strain, vendor, genetics and a variety of attributes.

As a grower, it’s great to be able to go into a place and pot shop-talk to people that also are experienced growers themselves and not just newbies trying to sell products without any knowledge. Definitely the collective you would want to join and support, and with the type of people that seem to exemplify the name of the collective.
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For patients choosing to grow their own medicine, KindPeoples is Santa Cruz's premier resource for a spectacular variety of clones at affordable prices. Expect healthy plants from the roots to the shoots. Our clones are free of bugs, molds and pesticides and we strive to offer an assortment of genetics that will satisfy both the hobbyist looking for that special unique something as well as the commercial grower looking to diversify their offerings.

Our menu is constantly changing and we encourage our patients to check back frequently to see the new strains we have available.

Not only will you find the best strains and healthiest clones in the area but also friendly experts who do not just sell you clones but give you a great description of what to expect from the plants, such as yield and flavor. Also, they package the clones a lot better than any other club in the area.
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