5 THC Gummies Dosing Tips from our Santa Cruz Dispensary Staff

So, you want to try THC gummies? Maybe you’re nervous, but hopefully you’re excited. However you’re feeling, you’re in the right place.  At KindPeoples Soquel Avenue and KindPeoples Ocean Street, we’re passionate about helping consumers have positive, life-enhancing experiences with cannabis products. We understand that cannabis edibles can be intimidating so we’ve consulted with our Santa Cruz dispensary staff and have compiled the five most important tips to follow to discover your perfect THC edible dosage. 

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1. Start Low and Slow with THC gummies

At KindPeoples Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Cruz, when it comes to THC edibles dosing, we live by the golden rule: You can always eat more but you can’t eat less, so start low and go slow!  That right there, is the single most important piece of knowledge we can share with you regarding THC gummies. 

It’s important to understand that when you eat THC gummies, the cannabinoids process through your digestive system before you’ll notice any effects. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your metabolism and the contents of your stomach.

This delayed onset of psycho-activity has led far too many new consumers into thinking they didn’t eat enough; thus, they make the common mistake of eating more THC gummies and becoming uncomfortably high for a few hours. According to one of our KindPeoples managers, Dylan, “The classic blunder is over-consuming the first few times! It can be a scary experience, and it can deter someone from using edibles again.”

If you’re thinking about eating more of your cannabis edible, always be sure you’ve waited at least two full hours before acting on that impulse to allow the first dose ample time to activate. Even better, we recommend simply waiting until tomorrow to start fresh with an increased dose of THC gummies. 

2. Be intentional about the cannabinoid milligrams in your THC gummies

Many different variables influence the effects of THC gummies but the most important variable we can control is the dose size. In California, most THC gummies contain 5 or 10 milligrams of THC; however, if you’ve never consumed THC gummies before, we recommend starting with 2.5 – 5 mg of THC. Once you’ve explored how 2.5 – 5 mg of THC gummies make you feel, gradually increase your dose as needed. 

The best way to avoid experiencing any of THC’s negative side-effects, like paranoia and anxiety, is to be mindful and intentional about your edible THC dose. Everyone’s tolerance is different so intentionally increasing your dose of THC gummies will allow you to find your sweet spot.  

3. Choose THC Gummies that contain CBD

At KindPeoples Santa Cruz Dispensary, we always encourage consumers, especially new THC gummies consumers, to try cannabis edibles that contain a ratio of THC and CBD.  “For those that are sensitive to even small amounts of THC, CBD can temper the effects of the THC, and the sensation may be more palatable. 1:1 is our best recommendation, but 4:1 CBD:THC can be an excellent starting point when even 5mg of THC has been too much for a customer,” our KindPeoples manager, Dylan said.  

Our bodies process CBD and THC differently, because of this, when we consume these two cannabinoids in tandem, the intensity of the THC dims, creating a more balanced effect. Additionally, CBD provides its own medicinal benefits, most noteworthy, its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities. 

4. Avoid mixing THC gummies with alcohol 

You might be tempted to have a drink with your THC gummies but our recommendation is to not mix substances until you’re comfortable with weed gummies. Mixing cannabis and alcohol can magnify the negative effects of intoxication, such as impaired coordination, dizziness, and impaired judgement, which could lead to dangerous situations.  When you’re newly exploring THC gummies dosing, it’s best to just keep the alcohol separate.

5. Be aware that your Mindset Matters

If you’re feeling anxious and paranoid about trying THC gummies, it’s important to recognize that the THC may enhance those feelings of anxiety. If you are feeling nervous, you can delay your THC gummies dosing exploration until you’re in a better headspace. Only you can decide when it’s the right moment to try THC gummies. If you do decide to continue forward on your journey, if you follow the tips above, we’re confident you’re on the right path to having an incredible experience.  

If you’re ready to give THC gummies a try, you can reserve your edibles online to pick up in-store at KindPeoples Soquel Avenue or KindPeoples Ocean Street. If you still have questions about dosing THC gummies, our educated Santa Cruz cannabis dispensary staff is in store 7 days a week for in-person consultations.  KindPeoples Soquel is located in the Live Oak neighborhood at 3600 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, 95062. KindPeoples Ocean is located at 533 Ocean St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060.