About KindPeoples

KindPeoples is Santa Cruz County’s largest cannabis dispensary yet provides an individualized experience in a friendly environment. Our journey as a company has quickly evolved from a small upstart to a multi-location, community cornerstone with aspirations of making an impactful difference in our community. After you step into either of our stores, you know there has been great care taken to provide you with a unique experience. We pledge a high level of integrity to our members and promise an enormous array of superb quality, lab-tested cannabis. We value the opportunity to provide an affordable and safe alternative to pharmaceuticals and drugs on the illicit market. Our staff is professionally trained to recognize the unique and specific needs of all cannabis customers and one can expect to be treated with patience and respect. We make sure no customer ever feels intimidated or rushed and receives the full service and experience they deserve.

We love showing off what cannabis perfection looks like and customers walk out the door satisfied and knowledgeable about their selections. The dispensary has an industry leading selection of  cannabis offerings from fine edibles, tinctures and topicals to top-shelf California grown flowers and connoisseur-grade concentrates. Find yourself in the largest genetics department in the Monterey Bay engaged in an educational exchange with a staff geneticist about your home grow needs.  The collective also boasts one of the largest and most diverse seed stocks in California. KindPeoples maintains exclusive medicinal strains and products from responsible growers breeding for the needs of our patient base.

KindPeoples is Santa Cruz's first state-legal cannabis dispensary, dedicated to providing an individualized experience in a friendly environment. We're proud to have received the first 8 of 20 state licenses issued by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, as well as one of the first three cultivation licenses issued by California Department of Food and Agriculture. With these licenses in place, we look forward to continuing to fully serve our community in 2018 and beyond!

The Mission

KindPeoples inspires you to find meaningful connections with cannabis through innovative services and curated products that suit your lifestyle. 

By offering a friendly knowledgable staff in a beautiful modern space, KindPeoples promises an unparalleled experience bridging the gap between cannabis and community.  


The Vision

Creating a new paradigm in personal health by inspiring humanity to realize the full benefits of cannabis.