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Second Visit as a member
$5 OFF
(with $20 PURCHASE)

Bring a Friend
$10 OFF
(with $25 Purchase and newly enrolled friend)

Daily Discounts

Seniors 65+
10% OFF

Current Students
10% OFF

U.S. Veterans
15% OFF

State Medical Marijuana Identification Card Holders
(MMIC website)
20% OFF

Daily discounts cannot be applied to delivery orders.

Point System

Earn a point toward future discounts with every dollar you spend.

1,000 Points
10% OFF

2,000 Points
20% OFF

Points may be redeemed in 1000 point increments up to 20% off with a maximum redemption of $200 per purchase.

Everyday Value Products at KindPeoples

In addition to our complete menu, we offer these value products every day.


$12 gram (out the door)
$25 Eighth
$30 Eighth
$159.99 oz.
$199.99 oz.


purchase any (5)

single prerolls or preroll packs

Get $25 off

*Everyday Value Products are subject to availability. Daily discounts do not apply to Value Products.

Mix & Match

Explore different strains to find your favorite!

When purchasing flowers of the same price and quantity, mix and match select strains for a discounted price. Mix and match up to four units. 

Four $50 eighths of flower is equal to one $185 half ounce.


Leaflets are personalized deals selected just for you on your favorite cannabis products, based on your purchase history, delivered to your phone and redeemable at KindPeoples.

Click here for more details.

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It is your responsibility to inform your cannabis consultant of any applicable discounts on every visit. We cannot offer store credit or refunds to customers who fail to mention their discount. We appreciate your understanding.


KindPeoples accepts debit and cash at both of our locations. All debit transactions have a $3.25 ATM charge. Debit transactions are rounded up to the nearest $5 increment with appropriate change given (ex. $22.50 total; debit transaction for $25.00 and $2.50 cash change). Credit cards not accepted at this time. ATM available at both locations.

Return Policy

All sales on cannabis products are final.
Defective products may be returned with a sales receipt within 30 days at the manager’s discretion.