Adult Use Guidelines

The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) also known as Proposition 64, legalized regulated sales as well as personal and commercial cultivation of cannabis for adults 21 and older.

KindPeoples is honored to have received several of the first licenses to sell legal cannabis from the Bureau of Cannabis Control! We’ve received press coverage from Good Times Santa Cruz, the Sentinel, Green State, and the Mercury News regarding this achievement.

Learn more about what adults can and can't do under the new laws, the new tax structure, as well as how things will change for medical patients.

The laws are still evolving, but here's what we know so far:


What's up with all of the taxes?

We understand that the cannabis taxes are high and confusing. While we can't change the taxes here at KindPeoples we can help you understand what they are and where that money is going. 

Excise Tax -

Effective January 1, 2018, a 15% excise tax is imposed upon retail purchasers of all cannabis and cannabis products, including medicinal cannabis. Cannabis and/or cannabis products may not be sold unless the cannabis excise tax is paid by the purchaser at the time of sale. The sales tax due on your taxable cannabis sales at retail must be computed on your selling price of cannabis, plus the cannabis excise tax.

Sales tax will vary depending on location.

Soquel Ave. Location (County) -

  • Excise tax 15% on cannabis purchases.

  • Sales tax 9% on all purchases.

  • Sales tax on excise tax 1.275% on cannabis purchases.

Ocean St. Location (City) -

  • Excise tax 15% on cannabis purchases.

  • Sales tax 9.25% on all purchases

  • Sales tax on excise tax 1.3875% on cannabis purchases.

Do I still have to pay taxes if I'm a medical patient?

Regardless of medical or recreational standing, the 15% excise tax must be paid on all cannabis goods. MMIC holders (via Department of Public Health) are exempt from sales tax only.

WHere will the tax money go?

This document explains the allocation of the tax revenue.


How much cannabis can I purchase in one day?

As an adult recreational user:

  • 1 oz Flower

  • 6 Plants

  • 8000mg/8g Extracts, Edibles, Infused
    (combined equivalent)

As a medical patient:

  • 8 oz Flower

  • 12 Plants

  • 8000mg/8g Extracts, Edibles, Infused
    (combined equivalent)

  • No other restriction changes.

Will I need an ID?

You must present proof of age to be admitted into KindPeoples. CA code Section 5402 states, "Individuals shall be granted access to the retail area to purchase cannabis goods only after the retailer or an employee of the retailer has verified that the individual is at least 21 years of age and has a valid proof of identification, or that the individual is at least 18 years of age and has valid proof of identification and a valid physician's recommendation for himself or herself or for a person for whom he or she is a primary caregiver."

Can I grow it myself?

Adults can grow up to six plants per residence as long as you own the property or the landlord is cool with it. That's six plants per residence, not per person. Outdoor plants must be secured behind a fence and not visible to the public.

Where can I buy weed?

Adults can buy cannabis at a licensed retail store and legal sales will begin in 2018 when the state licenses its first adult-use retail outlets. Until adult-use sales begin, you'll need a medical recommendation to buy cannabis from dispensaries.

Do I need to purchase a childproof bag?

Non child proof cannabis containers must leave dispensary in childproof exit bag. CA code Section 5029, "Cannabis goods that are not in child-resistant packaging may be sold if they are placed into child-resistant packaging by the retailer at the time of sale." Customer may be charged for compliant exit bag. Customer may reuse compliant childproof exit bag on
future visits.

Is cannabis tested for pesticides and potency?

New laws implemented on July 1, 2018 require all cannabis products to be tested by an independent lab for pesticides, microbiological contamination, residual solvents, as well as for THC potency, so you can know how strong your weed will feel.

Can I smoke it on the street?

Smoking or eating cannabis is still illegal in public spaces, while driving, or anywhere that smoking is prohibited. Cannabis consumption is only allowed on private property.

What about "stoned driving?"

New testing methodologies are being developed to determine impairment from cannabis, including roadside saliva tests. Under the new laws, no open containers of marijuana are allowed in a moving car (punishable with a $100 fine), so keep your stash in the trunk.

What about the children?!

AUMA aims to prevent children from being exposed to cannabis by barring possession or use on or near school grounds or in public places. Retail cannabis stores or dispensaries are required to operate within a “safe” distance of schools, daycares, playgrounds or parks.

What about National Parks?

Any cannabis possession or consumption is still prohibited on federal property, including National Parks.