Exclusive Strain Release at KindPeoples

Heavy Hitters and Beard Bros Pharms are partnering up to collaborate to create cartridges of their famed
Extreme Cream strain.

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This collaboration marks the first and only Extreme Cream vape cartridge ever to be sold in California.

Limited release available at KindPeoples starting Oct 17th.


Extreme Cream

Extreme Cream is a pungent cross between Extreme OG and Cookies & Cream.

This strain develops deep purple colas dusted with trichomes and emits a strong, earthy aroma that is creamy on the nose and very smooth on the palate.

Expect traditional indica effects alongside heady euphoria, appetite stimulation, and couch lock.

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The Beard Bros.

“We’re super stoked to be part of this. Our choice to collaborate with Heavy Hitters was an easy one. Their quality, consistency and potency is something we strive for in our work and we’ve always respected what they do. Their team is able to keep all the unique effects and nuanced taste profiles we worked so hard to develop in our Extreme Cream strain. We can’t wait to share this collaboration with all our favorite dispensaries and fans.”

  • Bill Levers, Beard Bros. Pharms

Get yours while they last.