Together we can make an impact!

This unprecedented disaster has cost lives as well as destroyed homes, crops, farms and livelihoods for many thousands of fellow Californians. The staff at KindPeoples extends our heartfelt sympathy to friends and family up north who are suffering. We are working to send help and support along with other members of the Santa Cruz cannabis community.

In partnership with SC Labs, KindPeoples will be collecting needed items which will be transported north to relief centers. Items that are needed and currently being accepted are: nonperishable food items (canned goods, granola, etc) respirators, pet supplies, towels, toiletries, baby stuff (formula, diapers, etc). Not accepting clothes at this time. Drop off donations to either of KindPeoples locations in Santa Cruz.


Please join us in sharing our social media posts from KindPeoples to help spread the word about this relief effort amongst your local family and friends.  Please use all these hashtags:
#NorCalFires #CannabisCommunity #KindPeoples #Compassion #Donate


The general public and patients can donate at either of our locations.

140 Dubois, Suite C, Santa Cruz
11am – 7pm

3600 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz
9am – 10pm