Compassion Program

Help for those who need it

Our Compassion Program has been designed to provide low-income patients who have serious medical needs with the opportunity to find the most effective cannabis products at no cost.


At KindPeople’s Collective we understand that dispensaries within the medical cannabis industry provide unique services that patients depend on when it comes to approaching cannabis as a medical supplement. Our aim is to develop a support system within the community built from trust, compassion and high service standards that we extend to each patient through our Compassion Program.

Our Compassion Program has been structured to produce long-term benefits for patients; By working one on one with a limited number of patients during three month periods, we hope to successfully assist each patient in discovering the most beneficial method of intake, as well as types of medical products that work most effectively for their unique symptoms and metabolism. As a result of working closely with individual patients we hope to gather data based off feedback and medical progress that will accelerate our ability to direct all patients more accurately towards appropriate medical products.

Throughout the length of time spent working with each patient we hope to establish a resource for emotional and professional support. In the long-term, after the patient has completed their personalized care within the program, the intent is that the patient will have more clarity and confidence about the products they purchase and use, in turn decreasing costs spent on irrelevant products, decreasing chances of undesirable effects as a result of insufficient information, and increasing the effectiveness of medical cannabis as a supplement to pharmaceutical prescriptions and pain killers.

Patients with any questions may send inquiries to

Vendors who are interested in learning more about the program may send inquiries to


The KindPeoples Compassion Program is made possible by these generous vendors:


Kind Medicine offers one of the lowest dose capsules, 15mg THC in indica or sativa for more controlled dosing. They also offer 30mg capsules for patients with a higher tolerance. Their CBD capsules are a 2:1 ratio, containing 11mg CBD and 5.5mg THC. These capsules are made with organic coconut oil infused with organic cannabis flowers.

Total Donation Value: $4,689
Visit KindMedicine Website


Hashman offers 100mg and 200mg chocolates in indica or sativa. The chocolates are segmented into 10 pieces for easy dosing. The Indica chocolates have been very effective for patients who are having trouble sleeping. Because the chocolate melts in the mouth it takes faster effect than more solid Indica edibles. Hashman offers very potent capsules at 60mg in indica or sativa, as well as a 1:1 capsule with 10mg CBD and 10mg THC.

Total Donation Value: $3,726
Visit Hashman Website


This topical from Mother Humboldt's is specifically effective for joint-centric symptoms such as arthritis in the hands, knees or feet due to these ingredients: glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, arnica and calendula flower extract. They offer a thicker salve version for smaller symptom areas such as the hand, and a massage oil version for larger areas such as the whole arm.

Total Donation Value: $3,000
Visit Mother Humboldt's Website

The O-Pen Vape Reserve cartridge contains 100% pure cannabis oil with 420mg of THC. The cartridges are strain-specific, available in indica, sativa or hybrid.

Total Donation Value: $2,698
Visit O-Pen Website

Kiva makes 120mg tins of blueberries or espresso beans covered in medicated chocolate. Each piece contains about 5mg of THC which is ideal for patients with low tolerance, or who need to medicate steadily at low doses throughout the day. The chocolate melts in the mouth for quick absorption and has been found to work well for pain management.

Total Donation Value: $2,454
Visit Kiva Website


Wünderfruit capsules come in 30mg or 60mg doses, available in Indica or Sativa. They also offer a 1:1 capsule with 15mg CBD and 15mg THC, the highest dose 1:1 capsule we carry at KPC. Their breath sprays are particularly unique, offered in sativa, indica, 1:1 and 20:1 CBD:THC. Each spray bottle contains 100mg, each spray contains 2mg for easy dosing and continuous symptom management.

Total Donation Value: $1,732
Visit The Healing Cabinet Website

POP naturals produced pure, high quality CO2 oil that is available in drippers or cartridges for vaporizer pens. They produce strain specific oils in sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD, High CBD and Super CBD. One of the most unique qualities of POP Naturals products is that they display terpene content so the patient can better assess medical effects of the various strains.

Total Donation Value: $1,570
Visit Pop Naturals Website

Big Pete’s Treats makes small 20mg Indica butter cookies, offered in packs of 6 or 10. These cookies have had unanimous results when used by patients to promote sleeping. They not only are effective for sleep but taste great.

Total Donation Value: $1,500
Visit Big Pete's Treats Website

Utopia Farms offers 50mg Macaroons in packs of 4, 200mg per pack. They come in vanilla, chocolate or raspberry flavor. Coconut has been proven to amplify the effects of cannabis due to the coconut’s special fat content. Patients find that this edible is particularly effective.

Total Donation Value: $1,413
Visit Utopia Farms Website

These handmade edibles are completely natural with only raw, organic ingredients. Each package contains four 25mg 'bites' that are easily digested with a strong effect. They produce a wide variety of flavors and combinations of natural ingredients available in sativa, indica, hybrid and assorted options.

Total Donation Value: $1,116
Visit Lifted Edibles Website

Morsel offers a variety of 50mg morsel bites in different flavors, as well as a high potency brownie and 1oz liquid shot. These are perfect edibles for high tolerance users who need large quantities of THC concentrated into small portions.

Total Donation Value: $1,115
Visit Morsel Bakery Website

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