How to Use Cannabis and Still Be a Responsible Scholar


As the seasons shift from summer into fall, students return from their vacations determined to get back to work, setting goals for the school year to come. While it’s great to reconnect with friends and trade tales of travel and adventure, it’s important not to get distracted from the task at hand—crushing books, acing tests, and becoming the brainiac you always knew you could be. But with studying comes stress, and campus life is rife with pressure to party, which almost always means drinking alcohol to excess.

If you’re interested in cannabis (and you’re 21 or older), it’s important to realize that there are ways that the herb can assist you in keeping your head in the game, offering alternatives to keg parties by acting as a gentler aid to socializing, fighting stress, encouraging creativity and even sustaining concentration.

While you’re doing yourself a disservice by being actively high in the classroom, since cannabis impacts your memory and the ability to retain what you’re learning, there’s options for supporting a keen, curious intellect by enjoying cannabis in your off-hours. After all, moderate cannabis use has been proven to increase neuroplasticity, which means the ability of your brain to grow new neurons, in turn helping make it easier to learn new things, change perspectives, think critically, adapt and evolve. And that’s why you’re in college in the first place, right?

Check out the new world of legal cannabis products that balance THC with CBD, presenting cannabinoids in novel delivery formats that can soothe social anxiety, help you enjoy healthy sleep and increase your ability to think outside of the box.

Lagunitas HiFi Hops

Put down the beer and pick up this tasty sparkling beverage, the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between the Nor-Cal brewer and cannabis extract creator AbsoluteXtracts. This IPA-inspired sparkling beverage is made using everything Lagunitas knows about hops — but with zero alcohol, zero calories, and zero carbs. Each can contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD for a subtle, balanced high that won’t leave you hungover the next day! Drink one or two with your buddies on a Friday night and wake up ready for Crossfit bright and early the next morning.

Espresso Terra Bites

Settling in for a multi-hour study session? Keep a tin of these chocolate-covered espresso beans nearby, keeping in mind that each piece contains a low dose of 5 mg of THC. After an hour of focused attention, reward yourself with just one bean. The caffeine provides a nice balance to the THC, providing focus along with gentle euphoria, but it takes a while to feel anything. Keep reading, and after another hour, you get another bean. The ability to slowly dole these little bites out to yourself as a reward will keep you motivated, and after two to three hours, once they start to kick in, close your books, collect your notes and shift into relaxation mode. Just don’t munch a bunch at the beginning, or your study time won’t last long before the high kicks in!

Pineapple & Coconut CBD Gummies

If you get anxious around new people in social situations, or if you’re just riddled with worry in general, these little fruity gummies are a godsend. Containing no THC at all, just 5 mg of CBD per gummy, munching on a few of these before a party or singles mixer will help you loosen up and feel self-confident without the need for a drink. Shed the stress and let CBD relax you at the end of a long day, prepping you for restful sleep. Packaged in a lovely tin, these can be kept in a purse or pocket and discreetly nibbled on throughout the day.

Atlas Dark Chocolate, Pecan and Hazelnut Granola Bites

Struggling with writer’s block? Seeking a new way to tackle a creative problem-solving project? Sometimes when you’re intellectually stuck, it helps to have a change of scenery, and after eating one of these granola bites, you’ll alter your mental scenery as well. Start with one bite, containing 10 milligrams of THC, and go for a nice stroll in the woods. Remember that edibles take two hours to fully manifest in your body, so be prepared to post up under a tree for a bit. Bring a notebook and find a chill spot to let your mind wander while enjoying nature. If you feel inspired, work on some brainstorming exercises, drawing or Sudoku and see if you can find a novel way to approach the puzzle that’s been perplexing you. Cannabis can help with nonlinear thinking, and a change in perspective can crack open whole new lines of inquiry.

SCVA Kosher Kush Preroll

When you’re ready to party, this is one of the only supplies you really need! Kick back with your friends and spark up the finest herb that Santa Cruz has to offer. The stellar Kosher Kush from the Santa Cruz Veteran’s Alliance supports a worthy cause while being an excellent alternative to pounding beers. Pass around this plump, flavorful one-gram bomber, sure to satisfy at least three or four heads, and head out to catch some waves, play some disc golf or hit up the skate park. Your liver will thank you, especially since cannabis has been proven to protect it from the ravages of binge drinking.