Low to High: Cannabis Options for All THC Tolerance Levels


If you’re the kind of person who prefers dipping their toe into a swimming pool versus jumping right in, you’ll appreciate this approach to cannabis use. Designed for people who’ve never used the healing herb previously, this guide lets you ease into “the high,” introducing THC slowly and balancing it with plenty of CBD.

For those who don’t already know, THC and CBD are cannabinoids—chemical constituents of the cannabis plant that provide different effects and health benefits. While THC will make you feel euphoric, it’s the only cannabinoid that does so, and others like CBD can help you feel relaxed without being overwhelmed by psychoactivity.

Starting with non-inebriating CBD, we’ll slowly add THC as we move from Lightweight to Heavyweight, explaining options for every level of tolerance, plus you can choose from variety of delivery methods. Vapor pens offer immediate relief with just a few puffs, while tinctures take effect within 15 to 20 minutes. Edible products that must be digested, like capsules and candies, onset in two hours or more.

When we talk about “ratios,” we mean the proportion of THC to CBD in a product. A ratio of 1:1 means there’s an equal amount of both cannabinoids. By experimenting with dosage levels and THC to CBD ratios, you can find the right combination of products that work for your needs while fitting into your lifestyle. Start with just 5 - 10 milligrams of CBD or THC if you’ve never used cannabis before, and “go low and slow” with edibles especially.


Start out with just CBD, and see how it makes you feel. If you’re looking for a sleep aid, anti-inflammatory, or something to help you relax, CBD might be all you need.


Select Lemon Ginger CBD Tincture

This blend of 100% Pure CBD Oil, Lemon Ginger essential oil and fractionated coconut oil reinvigorates you with natural citrus extracts to help you regain energy. This tincture comes with an easy drop applicator for the perfect dose, and since there’s no THC, you won’t feel high, just relaxed. Drop it under your tongue, or you can use it topically and rub it on your skin.


When you feel like you’re ready to introduce small amounts of THC, but you’d still like to include the calming effects of CBD, try these low-dose items that have a bit of both.


Care by Design 1:1 Vaporizer Cartridge

Care By Design uses local and sustainably-grown flower to produce products that are made from CO2 extracted cannabis oil, lab tested for contaminants and cannabinoid content, without any other added ingredients. This 1:1 blend balances CBD and THC, so you won’t feel too anxious, jittery or paranoid. Puff just once or twice and see how you feel within 10 - 15 minutes, and you can always have more as needed.


Satori CBD Chocolate Almonds

Sustainably grown and crafted by master chocolatiers, TCHO Chocolates, Satori products are made with Cacao Fino de Aroma, one of the world's most highly sought cacaos. With a ratio of 10:1 CBD to THC, there’s just 6mg of CBD and .6mg of THC per chocolate-covered piece, making this a perfect product for those who’d like to enjoy a microdose of edibles. Eat just one or two to start and wait for two hours to see how you feel before trying more.


Breez 1:1 CBD Cinnamon Mints

With a nice balanced effect, Breez Mint Tablets are a discreet and tasty way to stay fresh and medicated! Each tablet contains 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, making it very easy to find the perfect dose. Start with one mint, wait two hours and try more if desired. These types of products make it easy to titrate your cannabinoid dose, keeping relief constant throughout the day yet subtle enough for you to fully function.


If the lower-dose products aren’t making a dent in your pain, or if you’re just not feeling it, you can progress towards options that offer more THC.


Flavrx Mango Belts

For those with a high tolerance, these THC-infused Mango Belts offer tropical flavors combined with 100mg of THC per bag. Every package contains ten Mango Belts, each infused with 10mg of THC, so start slow and just eat one belt. Wait for two hours to see how you feel before eating another portion. Keep edibles like this away from children or unsuspecting adults!


HCI Reserve OG Preroll

For those who enjoy the immediate, euphoric effects from smoking highly potent cannabis, the prerolls and flowers from Humboldt Country Indoor are the real deal! These fat, one-gram joints are best shared with a friend or two, as the Reserve OG strain tests at 24.7% THC, making it on the higher end of the scale. Smooth burning and flavorful, with notes of cedar, fuel and sour earth, these prerolled joints will definitely get you very high, so plan accordingly.