Best Cannabis Products for a Day at the Beach


Spending a leisurely day on the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz has never been more fun, especially when you’ve used one of these awesome cannabis products before heading out to enhance your appreciation of the sunshine, wildlife and crashing waves. Soak up that incredible nature while you’re feeling euphoric and relaxed from using one of these fantastic items perfect for summertime.

Keep in mind that the public consumption of cannabis is still forbidden, so take that into consideration when planning what to bring. If you’re ingesting your cannabis in the form of an edible product, remember the two-hour onset time and eat it at least an hour before you leave. Walk to the beach or take a ride share service, that way you’re never tempted to drive impaired, and there’s no need to look for parking!


Kikoko Positivi-Tea

Each Teabag contains 10mg THC and 5 mg CBD

Make a nice pitcher of iced tea using a few bags of Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea blend, which combines THC and CBD in a 2:1 ratio for an effect that’s euphoric while still being grounded. Lemongrass and mint flavor this tea, so add a few extra sprigs of mint and serve over ice for a refreshing blast that will prepare you for a perfect day.


Kanha Treats “Starry Nights” Gummies

Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC

The stars will twinkle ever so brightly after eating one of the gummies from Kanha Treats! Munch a gummy before making a trip to beach to enjoy a bonfire with friends, watching the sun sink behind West Cliff and the moon rise over the bay. Fruit flavored gummies bring back nostalgia for warm summer nights of the past, bringing a sense of joy and playfulness back into everyday life.


Moxie “Lemon Surfer” Live Resin Cartridge

Discreet and tasty, sipping on vapor from Moxie Live Resin is unlike anything else on the market. Filled with flavorful, potent live resin, these cartridges deliver effects that are much closer to taking a dab or smoking flower. Watch the surfers at Steamer’s Lane or just lounge on the sand counting pelicans, it’s all good with Moxie!


Ocean View AC/DC Cannabis Flower

High-CBD Flower

Looking for weed like you had back in the 70s? Older Baby Boomers who fondly remember the strains of their youth will be interested in trying this high-CBD strain. The nugs have a long, thin stature, and boast a sweet, full-bodied aroma. As such, it is ideal for those less interested in the intoxicating and sedating aspects of the average high-THC flower, but who don’t want to sacrifice the enjoyable experience of smoking some tasty buds.


River View Farms Sour Diesel Cannabis Flower

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen some authentic Sour D, so you don’t want to miss out on this classic cannabis strain! Prepare for a day at the beach with an extremely uplifting, cerebral high; perfect for powering through a game of volleyball or badminton. Feel a warm, glowing body high that matches a day of laid-back leisure.


Kaizen Farms Eucalyptus Relief Cream

This luscious topical is perfect for soothing sunburned skin. Apply at the end of a long day to restore moisture to your skin, with added eucalyptus amplifying the pain-relieving effects of THC, great for painful joints and sore muscles.