Be a Happy Camper with These 5 Cannabis Provisions in Your Backpack


One of the glorious perks of California living is the plethora of nearby destinations for epic hiking and camping adventures within a few hours drive of San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Whether you’re staying locally and exploring hidden gems like Big Basin, Butano or Castle Rock state parks or venturing further afield to Big Sur, Mendocino or Mount Shasta, there’s nothing like getting away from it all and enjoying the most spectacular redwood forests, ocean vistas and mountain lakes.

Getting in touch with Mother Nature calls for a bit of herbal enhancement, as a nice cannabis buzz really helps you sink into the slower pace, shedding work stress and replacing it with a sense of wonder that allows you to tune into natural rhythms of life. Zone out while staring at a campfire after a long day’s hike, or simply gaze at the stars, observe animals and connect with your friends and family on these trips into the wild.

Be aware that cannabis use is still prohibited in public or on any Federal lands, where visitors to National Parks can be ticketed for violations, so be discreet and respectful, as well as aware of fire danger. Choosing edibles and vapor pens greatly reduces any risk of a stray ember igniting on dry leaves.

When relaxing at a private campsite or lodging, use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol that won’t leave you hungover or groggy the next morning! We’ve picked suggestions that are compact and lightweight for backpacking trips, as well as a few optimal items for car camping and festivals.


Lucky #7 Flowers

Pack a little bit of this amazing flower into your pipe and share it around the campfire to get primed for singalongs and jam sessions. With intense berry flavors from its parents—Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie—you also get slight hints of musky fuel and salty sweet caramel. Feel super lucky to be taking such a great vacation after puffing some Lucky #7!


Marley Natural’s Gold Preroll

Ideal for slipping into a pocket, this slim, discreet case contains three .5g joints rolled in unbleached, natural paper with a crutch filter. Offering energetic, uplifting effects with a more cerebral experience, The Gold won’t disappoint, and you don’t have to be embarrassed if your joint-rolling skills are less than stellar!


Heavy Hitter’s Northern Lights Vaporette

Ready to chill after a long day on the trail? Try this potent, flavorful vaporette, filled with cold-filtered distillate and infused with all natural terpenes. Indicas are better suited to nighttime, since their effects can be more sedating and relaxing. A classic cannabis strain, Northern Lights is a much-loved cross of Thai and Afghani landraces.


Kikoko Sensuali-tea

Brew up a pot of tea to warm up cold alpine nights, especially since this blend is intended to set a romantic mood. Bring a single tea bag containing 7mg of THC infused in a relaxing, caffeine-free blend of organic hibiscus, cardamom, and rose for a sophisticated way to enjoy your evening in the woods.


Plus Gummies’ Sour Watermelon Sativa Gummies

Great for sharing, each small tin of all-natural gummies contains 20 pieces, each with 5mg THC, for a total of 100mg THC. Made with beef gelatin, Plus Gummies digest more slowly than regular gelatin, allowing for efficient uptake of cannabinoids, resulting in a stronger, longer lasting effect!