New Era of Branded Cannabis Begins on July 1


You’ll notice some changes on the shelves at KindPeoples soon, as cannabis companies shift to supplying pre-packaged and lab-tested products in accordance with California law. From now on, there will be no more “anonymous weed,” as the cultivator or company will be branding and packaging their herb, so you’ll know where it came from and who produced it. Creating brands is the most effective way for farmers to communicate their personalities and values to customers, shifting cannabis away from being a bulk commodity and towards being a identifiable craft product.

The new regulations that took effect on January 1 included a 6-month “transition window,” intended to help businesses gradually move towards compliance, and that window is closing on July 1. This means that all labels will be updated with mandated lab test results, all packaging will be child-resistant, and cannabis flowers will arrive in pre-packaged jars and bags direct from a distributor.

This paradigm shift has created a momentous opportunity for Californian cannabis farmers, with hundreds of new brands being born as cultivators who were previously forced underground emerge into the spotlight, launching companies to market and package their buds. There’s no need to hide your identity anymore, since growers are finally being encouraged to be loud and proud when promoting their cannabis. For consumers, this means forging trusted relationships with farmers by learning their personal missions and backstories while being able to ensure a consistent supply of specific cannabis varietals.

At KindPeoples, we’ve always prided ourselves on providing the best possible retail experience to the Santa Cruz community. We’re happy to be working with professional cannabis companies and we’ll continue to stock the best products available, including the debut of several new brands that we’re very excited about!


Farmer Max

A local farmer who’s added cannabis to his crop rotation, Farmer Max produces boutique varieties including Goat Cheese, Banana OG, Super Sour OG, Kosher Tangie, and Black Jack.


FloraCal Farms

Family-owned company with flowers handgrown in Sonoma County, producing varieties including Rosé Especial, Rollins, Dessert Lemon Banana Sherbet and Fabulous Brandywine.


Cali Bud Company

Using the “best of both worlds” to cultivate their herb, Cali Bud Co. grows in state-of-the-art Salinas greenhouses to harness the full spectrum of the sun while also supplementing with lights. Look for diverse cannabis varieties including Lemon Sugar Kush, Cherry AK47, Chem Dog, Cookies and more.


Up North

Founded in 2015 by two of Humboldt County’s own, Up North is a nonprofit collective on a mission to provide Californians greater access to premiere craft cannabis products. Set deep within the famed Emerald Triangle, Up North produces the best cannabis products anywhere on the planet, including an incredibly fragrant and potent Durban Poison, Grape Soda, Honey Bananas, Blueberry Cookies and more.


Lemon Tree

Famous for its incredible citrus flavor and aroma, the local legend Lemon Tree will still be available at KindPeoples, described as “fresh Meyer lemon, savory citrus rind, pungent skunk, and a perfectly-balanced hint of sharp gas.”



Famous for their edibles of unrivaled potency—now extinct—Korova has pivoted to produce low-dose cookies, flowers and prerolls. Checkout their Mendo Breath, Gelato, Super Silver Haze and more!


Willie’s Reserve

Founded by iconic country singer and weed lover Willie Nelson, this brand is powered by Flow Kana in California, supporting small farmers from the famed Emerald Triangle by handling the processing, packaging and marketing of their harvests.