Cannabis Vending Machine Makes Waves


Attention: This vending machine is no longer in service at KindPeoples.

Consulting a knowledgeable cannabis expert for advice on products is the cornerstone of any successful dispensary, since there’s no replacement for personalized recommendations on what type of flowers, vape pens or edibles might fit into your lifestyle or produce a specific, desired effect. Especially for new cannabis users, the experience of conversing with a budtender is invaluable, so KindPeoples encourages our guests to take their time and ask questions. However, consultations can take 15 minutes or more, and many regulars already know what they want and don’t need to ask any questions that require personal support.

In the interest of providing quick, convenient and state-compliant shopping, KindPeoples recently installed a Grasshopper kiosk at our Soquel store, garnering local and national media coverage of “the first-ever cannabis vending machine” that spread far and wide!

“It’s really a convenience machine,” said KindPeoples Marketing Director Brett Friel, speaking to NBC News, "Some folks with the recreational change want a long formal consultation. They have a lot of questions about cannabis. There's a whole other demographic who wants to come in, grab their one item and get going."

While our vending machine is only the first in Santa Cruz county—not the first ever made—it’s still an exciting development that demonstrates the novel ways technology will interact with the cannabis industry. Stocked with popular items that customers consistently choose, speeding wait times and allowing people to avoid the lines during busy times at the Soquel store, our new vending machine is just another way that KindPeoples provides the best customer service in town.

KindPeoples believes in embracing technology as a way to further normalize cannabis shopping, enabling us to offer services like Express Lane online ordering, a mobile app for iPhone and Android, personalized discounts and deals through Leaflet, browse the Seed Finder to pick your perfect seed genetics, and now a “Grab and Go” convenient cannabis vending machine.

Interacting with the machine is easy and intuitive. Featuring high resolution product photos along with detailed product descriptions, you’ll see exactly what you’re getting. In a world of speed and convenience, the cannabis industry is quickly catching up to meet customer expectations.

How It Works:

  • Swipe your ID for age verification and daily limit tracking required by the state regulations

  • Select the products you’d like from the touchscreen menu

  • Pay with cash

  • Bag your items in an opaque exit bag

  • That’s it!

If you’d like to experience the cutting-edge technology that’s making the news, come on down to 3600 Soquel Avenue and check out the machine, or take your time and converse with a friendly cannabis consultant. Either way, you’ll be getting the award-winning service and high-quality products that have made KindPeoples the favorite dispensary in Santa Cruz for four years in a row!

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