5 Reasons to Use Cannabis Instead of Alcohol

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It’s the season for green beers as St. Patrick’s parties burst into full swing around the nation, but we think it’s time to celebrate a different kind of green—as in cannabis!

While the harms of excessive alcohol consumption are well documented, cannabis has been proven to be less detrimental to individual health as well as society as a whole. The Amendment 64 campaign that legalized cannabis in Colorado relied on this important talking point, emphasizing that “cannabis is safer than alcohol,” a sentiment that the public overwhelmingly approved.

As legalization sweeps the nation, more people are choosing to substitute cannabis for alcohol. In fact, states with medical marijuana laws experience a 15% drop in alcohol sales, a dip so dramatic that even the liquor industry is scared.

With this trend in mind, we’ve collected five of the most compelling reasons to put down the whisky and pick up a joint this March!

Here’s 5 Reasons to Choose a Healthier Buzz than Booze:

1. Cannabis can’t kill you

Alcohol poisoning can lead to death, killing an average of six Americans every day, according to the CDC. Cannabis is one of the safest, non-toxic substances known to humankind, with no recorded cases of fatal overdoses.

2. Cannabis doesn’t cause hangovers

While you might wake up groggy after eating too much THC, cannabis has never left anyone with a debilitating hangover that includes a splitting headache, nausea and fatigue—all caused by your body recovering from a minor case of alcohol poisoning.

3. Cannabis is free of carbohydrates

Healthy diets frequently urge restricting alcohol and carbs due to the dreaded “beer belly,” while cannabis is not a source of extra calories in and of itself. Plan to have healthy munchies around the next time you get blazed and stick to your healthy diet plan, whether it’s vegan, raw, Paleo or Keto.

4. Cannabis won’t make you lose control

Loosening inhibitions makes socializing easier, which is why we see almost every social function revolve around alcohol. Sometimes this goes too far, with people getting drunk and engaging in regrettable behavior that has serious repercussions. You’re more likely to loosen up and enjoy conversations with cannabis, but less likely to get so high that you embarrass yourself. Go low and slow with cannabis until you find the right dose for your body!

5. Cannabis can protect your liver

A recent study showed that cannabis use has protective effects, leading to prevention of liver disease in those classified as having “alcohol use disorder,” which means drinking too much too often. While alcohol causes inflammation in the liver, eventually leading to cirrhosis and liver cancer over years of abuse, it seems that the anti-inflammatory action of cannabis can reverse these effects.

Whatever your reason, choosing cannabis as a recreational mind-altering substance instead of alcohol will change your life and improve your health, with the cumulative trend shifting our culture. Imagine a world where cannabis use is as ubiquitous as alcohol, with social consumption lounges, pot parties and cannabis cafes and get excited for the future!