Plan an Amazing First Friday in Downtown Santa Cruz


Start your weekend off right by plunging into the vibrant art scene unfolding in Santa Cruz, and embrace all that First Friday has to offer!

First, stop by KindPeoples after work to get stocked up on supplies for chilling, vibing and feeling creative. When we’re out on the town, we like to bring Sublime’s small yet hard-hitting Mini Fuzzies prerolls, which arrive coated in kief. Others prefer the subtle stoniness provided by Skunk Feather’s live resin vapor carts, capturing the flavors of local cultivars like Golden State Banana, while still other friends swear by the incremental microdoses of THC delivered by Breez Mints, which also helpfully freshen your breath as you socialize around town.

As supporters of local artists, KindPeoples features new works that rotate every month, with past exhibitions including amazing creators Elliott Bliss, Lucas Musgrave and Alexander Michael Wong. This Friday, we’ll debut works from Danny Fernandez, whose imaginative, detailed drawings of wild animals and fantastic landscapes capture the unruly beauty of nature.

Found of UpCycled Skate Art, local artist Alex Wong makes lovely items from discarded skateboards.

Found of UpCycled Skate Art, local artist Alex Wong makes lovely items from discarded skateboards.

After you’ve stopped by and explored the best in cannabis flowers, hash and edibles that Santa Cruz has to offer, head out on the town to check out what’s happening. Get a bite to eat at Abbott Square while grooving to the rhythms of Drumskull Djembes, a live drumming workshop held by world-class instructors. Head inside to the Museum of Art & History for activities and exhibits, including a sesh with shadow puppets hosted by local author Susie Bright, editor of “Santa Cruz Noir” and artist Jon Bailiff.

If you love drawing, check out the Drawfest 2018 Drawing Party, where you’re sure to meet some kind, like-minded individuals while sketching. Experiment with new art materials or get an impromptu coaching session from instructor Rob Court.

If you’ve got your furry friend with you, take Fido over to the Tannery for a photo shoot! Located in Studio #128, photographer Katie Scott and Singular Point Press will be hosting mini sessions in exchange for a donation to the Extra Mile Fund, which provides extra medical care for animals in our local shelters. You'll get a few professional photos of your precious pet printed and emailed while helping a good cause.

Music-lovers shouldn’t miss “The Color of Jazz,” an exhibit of revolutionary jazz album cover art by pioneering photographer Pete Turner. On display at Kuumbwa Jazz Center, this collection of so-called “commercial art” combines Turner’s technical mastery with his visionary manipulations of hue and saturation to create photographs “unlike anything previously seen” at the time. Get your mind blown, then feast on the culinary creations from Bruxo’s inventive food truck, which will be parked in the Kuumbwa courtyard.

Fueled by cannabis and inspired by art, you’ll wake up on Saturday morning ready to enjoy another wonderful weekend in Santa Cruz, the gem of the Central Coast. Make First Friday a personal tradition, and you’ll be more connected to your community, including KindPeoples!