Genetics Department Transplanted to New Location

Unique among dispensaries, the KindPeoples Genetics department provides a valuable service to local growers. Staffed by knowledgeable cultivators who dispense not only clones and seeds but helpful advice, this vital part of the KindPeoples’ family is continuing to spread its roots through the community, and will be better able to flourish at our Dubois Street location.

Providing the very best in seeds from a dozen seed banks including esteemed breeders such as Bodhi, Crockett Family Farms and Southern Humboldt Seed Company, plus healthy clones from Dark Heart Nursery, our commitment to providing top-shelf resources for those who cultivate their own cannabis is unwavering. Growers come to the Genetics Department seeking guidance on the best strains adapted to the many microclimates in Santa Cruz County, as well as help managing pests, fertilizer regimens, and effective harvesting and curing tips.

Tommy at the new Genetics Department located at 140 Dubois Street.

Tommy at the new Genetics Department located at 140 Dubois Street.

The Genetics Department is run by Tommy D’Andrea and Joe Kief, the pair has a combined total of 14 years of experience growing cannabis, with Tommy saying “I’ve made mistakes so you don’t have to!”

“We help people who wouldn’t necessarily grow their medicine and make it less intimidating,” says Joe Kief, a longtime Genetics Manager, “if you can grow tomatoes you can grow good cannabis.”

Advantages to growing your own cannabis include the pride in caring for a beautiful plant and watching it thrive, as well as being able to control the inputs so that you’re assured to produce only the finest eco-friendly flowers. It’s also easier to preserve the THC-laden trichomes through careful handling and processing to retain the most resin possible.

“You cut out the mystery when you grow your own, and you know exactly what’s being put into your medicine," says Joe, "and it's more cost-effective."

As part of our expanded Genetics Department, KindPeoples will be offering more educational offerings for home growers, including a dedicated newsletter with tips to guide you through the outdoor season. Searching for the right type of plants to grow has never been easier, with the Seed Finder system, a touchscreen tool that can sort through various preferences for yield, flowering time, flavor and THC potency.

Start planning your 2018 garden now, and get ready to sprout seeds or bring clones home in March!