Top 10 Bestselling Strains of 2017


Favorite cannabis strains come and go, with new trendy flavors like Lemon Tree competing for dispensary shelf space with Cali’s classic Kush varieties. Some growers find one strain they love and work to perfect it, while others are always challenging themselves by cultivating something new and different. At KindPeoples, we analyze our data to see what’s most popular with our customers, and this year’s list of the bestselling strains is full of top-shelf varieties that deliver both outstanding flavor and distinctive effects.

Almost all cannabis will deliver a pleasing high, but not all flowers taste and smell amazing. Increasingly, customers seek out the most unique “terps,” following their nose to find the strains with intense flavors and aromas, not necessarily choosing varieties based solely on what has the highest THC potency. This type of connoisseurship parallels the world of fine wine, where sommeliers recommend the best bottles to pair with a meal based on flavor, not alcohol content.

“Terps” are terpenes, the chemical components of cannabis that create distinct aromas. While terpenes are found in all plants, the terps in cannabis also modulate the effects of cannabinoids, providing medicinal benefits of their own and combining to create specific psychoactive effects. Many of the strains on this list are fruity, with aromas reminiscent of strawberries, bananas or citrus making a memorable impression due to their terpene profiles.

With incredible flavors and soaring THC percentages, these perfectly cured flowers brought our customers back to visit again and again. Check out KindPeoples’ favorite cannabis strains, and let us know what you liked best in 2017!


1. Kosher Kush

Heaviest of the heavy-hitters, the Kosher’s telltale flavor is so full of fuel, it’ll make your eyes water! The growers at Santa Cruz Veteran's Alliance have really perfected this strain, delivering wonderful flowers every time. Completely drenched in crystals, these nugs consistently test at THC levels over 27% for an extremely potent, sedating high. Expect giggle fits plus voracious hunger after smoking the Kosher, with a pain-relieving, muscle-relaxing high that will most definitely have you on the couch.

Red Congolese_010517.jpg

2. Red Congolese

A true gem, this African landrace strain originates in the Congo and was brought to Santa Cruz over thirty years ago by the patriarch of a local farming family. Always striving to maintain these unique genetics, Wick Family Farms is proud to steward this particular heirloom strain. Truly an outstanding flower, Red Congolese has large, chunky buds caked in thick, white trichomes with a full-bodied bouquet. with notes of sweet berries, floral perfume, and a burst of pungent, cheesy earth. A rare breed among sativas, the speedy high can be too much for novice smokers, with a high THC content that blasts you into cerebral euphoria and a stony giddiness. Use Red Congolese to promote mental focus and dieting, since it doesn’t give you much of an appetite boost due to the presence of THCV in its chemical makeup.


3. Blue Dream

Arguably one of the world’s best-known strains, this classic cross of Blueberry x Haze consistently appears with dense, brightly-colored flowers and an extremely sweet, refreshing, and berry-filled aroma. Effects manifest as a joyful, uplifting euphoria, and a tranquilizing, numbing body high. Because of this near-perfect balance, it is an ideal flower for consumers who are new to using cannabis.

Super Sour Diesel_SCVA_Social copy.jpg

4. Super Sour Diesel

So distinctive that it’s unmistakable, you can smell a gram of Super Sour Diesel from across the room. That’s what the kids mean when they say “that weed is loud,” and Sour Diesel is one of the loudest ever, with strong notes of pungent fuel, fresh cut pine, sour lemons creating an earthy, almost savory aroma. Couple the distinct aroma with high THC percentages, and these perfect nugs deliver spacey, introspective euphoria that transforms into a serene sense of well-being. Great for daytime use and creative work, Super Sour Diesel melts away stress, depression, and pain.


5. Super Silver Haze

This much-lauded sativa has been delighting users around the world since the early 90s with its sharp, sweet, and cheesy aroma, and its wonderfully uplifting effects. Motivating, energizing, and just the right amount of stony, this classic cross of Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk #1 propels users through the day with a smile on their face, adding a bit of pep to their step!

Pine Tar Kush Trichomes copy.jpg

6. Pine Tar Kush

Brought to the U.S. directly from Pakistan, this 100% indica is pure Kush genetics, with the characteristic musky perfume a blend of earthy woods and sour fuel that gave this particular variety its name. Grown by Anthony G, this strain is great for informal parties. The Kush high starts off talkative and fun, with the warm, heavy buzz of body relaxation setting you up for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Golden Lemons.jpg

7. Golden Lemons

Dense, perfectly-cured nuggets arrive covered in delicate, peach-colored hairs and caked in bright, golden trichomes. Refreshingly sharp fresh lemon zest aroma combines with dank, sweet earth to form a truly delicious bouquet. Expect a few puffs to impart focus and motivation, coupled with a warm, buzzing physical relaxation. In larger doses, physical relaxation will lead to a couch-locked sedation. Consistently testing at over 25% THC, this cross of Kosher Kush x Lemon Skunk is very potent, so prepare yourself for a strong smoking experience that’s ideal for counteracting stress and anxiety.

OG Kush_Featured.jpg

8. OG Kush

Possibly the world’s most famous weed, this stuff is classic for a good reason. KindPeoples selects from a great many varieties of OG Kush, finding the best from the growers at Hiatus Industries, complete with dense, bright-green flowers, light-orange hairs, an abundance of glistening trichomes, and lot of THC! Sweet and musky, with strong notes of stinky cheese, sour earth, and a bit of piney perfume, OG isn’t always the gassiest flower. After smoking, many users report increased focus, and will use this flower as an antidote for fatigue. As time goes on, the high levels off into deep relaxation, and a body-high that feels like a warm hug.


9. Banana OG

Absolutely delectable, this OG Kush x Banana cross smells like ripe bananas and sweet honey candy. Just one of these frosty, beautiful nugs will fill a room with its delicious smell. Deeply relaxing, the high is equally enlivening and exhilarating, leaving the body warm and pleasantly numb, while imparting a fun, creative, euphoric buzz to the brain. Share this special strain with close friends.

Golden Strawberries.jpg

10. Golden Strawberries

Sparkling with green, orange, and a bit of gold, each large nugget of Golden Strawberries is accentuated by trichomes caked on each and every bit of this flower. Bright and refreshing, this Strawberry Banana x Kosher Kush cross has a robust terpene profile that will remind you of sweet cream, tangy fruit, and fresh soil. Delivering a very potent high, smokers quickly get overtaken by giggles and a pain-relieving body buzz that immediately cuts through stress, anxiety, and any other discomfort. Don’t overindulge unless you have time for a large meal and a nap!