5 Best Gifts for Cannabis Lovers


Do you have a cannabis fan on your gift list this year? Maybe your roommate always generously shares their herb and you’d like to return the favor, or your uncle has been asking you about “that dab stuff” he’s heard about. With fine hashes, edibles, topicals and more, there’s something for everyone who likes cannabis to enjoy this holiday season. Much like a bottle of fine wine or basket of gourmet food, cannabis products make a wonderful gifts, spreading the spirit of generosity far and wide!

KindPeoples’ End of the Year Sale also means that you’ll be able to get great deals on a wide variety of cannabis ingestibles and accessories, just when you need them the most!

And in case you’re wondering, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) which legalized cannabis in California, allows for anyone 21 years of age or older to gift up to an ounce of cannabis to any other adult. (Hint hint—ounces of select small nugs are on sale too!)


5 Best Cannabis Gifts

For the Cannabis Connoisseur: KindExtracts’ Shatter

A pure form of extracted cannabinoids, shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate with a brittle texture that causes it to “shatter” into pieces rather than bending or melting like taffy. A perfect gift for the serious connoisseurs on your list, all of our house-made KindExtracts’ shatter is on sale, with a wide variety to choose from, including Purple Bubba, Emerald OG, Platinum Dream, Super Silver Haze and more! Package several varieties with a shatter wallet for maximum wow factor. Get it while it lasts!


For the Casual Puffer: Hybrid Pre-Rolled Joints

Everybody loves the convenience of pre-rolled joints, and we’ve got plenty of hybrid strains rolled up and ready to go! Known as “dogwalkers,” these joints are great for stepping out with your pooch and getting a little personal space during hectic holiday gatherings. Pre-rolls make great stocking stuffers, plus a nice bowl of joints on the table enlivens any holiday party.

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For the High Hostess: XTernal Cannabis-Infused Bath Soak

Like a massage in a jar, this cannabis-infused bath soak dissolves in hot water, adding extra relaxation to an essential part of a self-care routine. After 30 minutes in this indulgent bath, people feel intense muscle relaxation and experience incredibly rejuvenating deep sleep. However, there’s no “head high” or overly psychoactive effects, just melty mellowness. Perfect for athletes with sore muscles, busy moms or stressed professionals.



For the Ganja Grandma: Hashman Infused CBD Tincture

Stock up on CBD with these amazing products! One of the many cannabinoids present within the plant, CBD is known for being an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety aid without any noticeable “high” feeling. When paired with THC, it offers maximum healing relief with some euphoria. The tincture is also a 1:1 ratio product, containing 50 mg of CBD and 50 mg of THC for a balanced high.


For the Visiting Relative: Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder

Hosting any family from out-of-state? While your couch-surfing cousin can’t bring California’s finest herbs home on the plane, they can bring back a clean grinder. These Santa Cruz Shredders are currently “buy one get one,” so you can get one for yourself and gift one too! Super-durable, these grinders break up even the stickiest of nugs with ease, and they’re also a great Santa Cruz souvenir.